Halftime show disappoints CNJ readers


A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked for reviews on the Super Bowl halftime show: Some responses:

“I didn’t care for it at all. First you start with some guy who is holding himself like he has to go to the toilet. Then we see an item of clothing pulled off to expose a breast. Is this what the Super Bowl is coming to? Just an X-rated show? There has got to be a better answer for entertainment.”

— Dan Toledo, Clovis

“The game was awesome! As for the halftime show … I’m sure it was just a way to get publicity for the performers but it was really in bad taste. I'd like to know if it helped or hindered Michael Jackson’s problems?”

— Lynn Davis, Clovis

“It didn’t measure up to some of the halftime shows in the past. I really think the Janet Jackson ‘exposure’ was inappropriate for a prime-time game where families were watching.”

— Cathy Olona, Clovis

“The halftime show as a whole was typical and uninteresting, especially since I don’t go for that kind of music. However, I found the very end of it, the ‘incident,’ to be appalling and tasteless. Then to claim that it was a ‘costume malfunction’ was just ridiculous. Why not just own up to the poor judgment and apologize for being filthy?”

— Amy Graves, Clovis

“Disgusting. (And) not just the bosom bit; the entire program, which was just jumping and screaming, and certainly not entertainment.”

— Harold Burris, Clovis

“(That was) a well-planned but obscene stunt. CBS (was) just trying to get their ratings up.”

— Angus C. Lam, Clovis

“Selecting MTV to host and arrange the halftime show was a definite mistake in my opinion. The music, rap, dance, and just plain noise was in poor taste for an event of this caliber. Couple that with the Janet Jackson event and the bottom line is: LOSER! The game, however, was the best I've seen in many years.”

— Bob Baker, Clovis

“I thought it was pretty boring myself. … As far as the Janet Jackson exposure, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.”

— Michael Williams, Clovis

“I believe it was totally rehearsed and they knew what they were doing. I also believe that it was done to try and take some heat off of Michael Jackson.”

— Charles F. Hemphill, Clovis

“The music was horrible and the show was boring. Aside from that, I think the reaction was way overblown. The foul language and violence that children are subjected to daily through public schools, prime time sitcoms, the nightly news and your neighbor’s loud car stereo are far more offensive than an ugly 37-year-old woman’s breast. Women’s breasts are exposed on public television in many countries. Why are we so ashamed of nudity, but turn our heads to violence and offensive language on America’s televisions? I just think we have it all backwards.”

— Richard Lopes, Clovis

“I was appalled by the filth displayed during the halftime show. … What a sad state our society is in when filth like this can be broadcast on national/international television.”

— Janet Mason, Clovis

“I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I was watching Emeril on the Food Network.”

— Brent McBee, Clovis

“I did not watch halftime, but I understand I didn’t miss much!”

— Mearl Thomas, Clovis

“We went to church. According to what I heard about the halftime show on the radio news … it is a good thing we did.”

— Frank Dalton, Clovis

“Unbelievable. … At this point we need to promote public censorship of issues that should remain private — turning off and tuning out every single program that even begins to use risque sex in its programming.

Who in their right minds would even consider having MTV produce a show for a wholesome sport like football? Something is very wrong out there. What were they thinking?”

— Carolyn Spence, Clovis

“I think it was the worst performance ever. I admit I do like Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and Kidd Rock, but I think that Nelly and P Diddy’s performance was shady. With such talent, I think that the music that MTV and the performers chose was rather tacky, right up there with Janet’s breast flopping out at the end of her and Justin’s song. The last lyrics of that song are ‘Cause I gotta have you naked by the end of this song’ and then the supposed ‘unintentional accident’ happened. I don’t buy it as an accident, but whatever. There is a time and a place for such music and acts, but the Super Bowl shouldn’t be one of them.”

— Tanya Hughes, Clovis

“When you do not have real talent you resort to shock and skin.”

— James Simnacher, Clovis


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