Frankie Avalon is a secret homewrecker


Greg Garcia

After a heartbreakingly unsuccessful attempt to score some “Grease Live” tickets for Wednesday’s show in Amarillo, you can imagine my excitement to hear there were also some shows in Lubbock — with plenty of good seats available.

The wife had asked for “Grease” tickets — and only for “Grease” tickets — for her upcoming birthday. She gave me plenty of notice as to when and where the tickets would be available.

I procrastinated long enough for the Amarillo show to sell out (a colossal underestimation on my part of the power of “Grease!”) and now my life as a happily married man was being determined on my ability to secure “Grease” tickets from Lubbock.

I scanned the Select a Seat Web site for show times and ticket availability and I was thrilled to learn there was a Saturday night show with good seats still available.

Saturday! This meant no vacation days burned, no fatigue from working the day of the show, just me, the wife and Frankie Avalon.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

The wife was getting ready for bed when I first gave her the news: Not only was “Grease Live” going to be a reality, but since it was on a Saturday, we were also going to spend a romantic night in Lubbock to celebrate her birthday.

She was ecstatic.

I logged on to my computer, found the “Grease” tickets, and then placed my order.

Nobody gets the best of Greg Garcia! We were going to see “Grease!”

When I finally got to bed, my grateful wife showed her appreciation by breaking out the silk pajamas.

Late the next evening, I was checking my e-mail and there it was — my ticket purchase confirmation. I opened the e-mail, and scanned the details. It showed that I had some excellent seats. Yea!

But there was one bit of disappointing information: It seemed I had accidentally bought tickets for a Thursday show, not Saturday.

I broke the news to my wife, who went back to wearing the thick flannel pajamas.

It’s a tough world out there.

I spent my lunch hour one day last week and was able to persuade Select a Seat to exchange my tickets for the desired Saturday show.

But what an ordeal.

I feel there is a conspiracy to make me crazy, and Frankie Avalon is the chief conspirator.

So if my marriage falls apart, or if something suspicious happens to me in the near future, please call the proper authorities and let them know it’s Frankie Avalon’s fault.

He’s out to get me.

Greg Garcia of Clovis works for PNM Gas. He is a student at Clovis Community College. Contact him at:

[email protected]


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