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No harm in finding truth about 'Kid'


Letters to the Editor

I recently met Lincoln County Sheriff Tom Sullivan, DeBaca County Sheriff Gary Graves and others who are involved in the investigation surrounding Billy the Kid.

I love history and I love any time it gets attention, publicity and even controversy. I am so impressed that the sheriffs want to find out what really happened. These men have put their reputations, their careers, and believe it or not, their personal lives on the line for the purpose of finding the truth.

May I ask all the critics what is so evil or wrong about finding the truth? Why should any of us oppose the truth — unless we fear the truth for some personal (or maybe financial) reason.”

There is much opposition to exhuming the bodies of those involved with the Kid.

Exhumations take place often, and for various reasons. The chance of making exact identifications of those involved is extremely slim, but, in the interest of history, it must be done.

We need to follow the trail of truth wherever it goes. We need to exhume whomever we need to exhume in order to find the truth.

Why do so many oppose finding the truth?

Let’s exhume all the principal characters and let the chips fall where they fall.

I love New Mexico and I’ve traveled there often and encourage others to do so. It’s Billy the Kid country and always will be. All of his exciting events happened there.

I love history. The time is here. The courageous men are in place. Let’s dig.

Dr. Jannay Valdez

Billy the Kid/Outlaw Museum

Canton, Texas

Victim’s daughter is grateful for sheriff

My father, J.C. Tucker, was killed on Sept. 4 in Clovis. The Curry County Sheriff’s Department has been handling the investigation.

Clovis should be proud of its sheriff’s department. It has gone above and beyond the call of duty in this case.

It has been difficult and remains unsolved. Sheriff’s officials have handled everything in a professional and timely manner. I have the highest confidence in them and know they will solve the case.

Clovis should be proud and thankful.

Jackie Tucker Davidson

Hereford, Texas

Church welcomes all Christians, bar none

As the pastor of Portales’ Llano Estacado Community Church I find it irresponsible that Shirley Rollinson alludes that our church teaches Christianity as “a repressive, anti–feminine, anti–homosexual man-made program.” (Jan. 11 CNJ guest column)

I am not sure where she got her information; certainly it did not come from me or any member of our faith community. I know that I have never had a conversation with her, and as far as I am aware she has never attended our church.

That being the case, I find her words both deceptive and not useful educationally.

The purpose of holding our workshop is to provide an opportunity for discussion and education for all people of this community. An opportunity that Dr. Rollinson, as of yet, has not availed herself of.

Today’s Christianity can be one of placation rather than a challenge for us to develop a close relationship with God to inform all that we do and are whilst on this Earth.

I believe that Christianity today sometimes offers a message that Jesus would not recognize. Jesus came bringing the good news to the marginalized of his time, those without power or political clout, those considered second-class citizens. I ask where is the Christian church for those of our time?

Certainly, as Christians, we all fall short of our example of love, Jesus, but rather than focus solely on our shortcomings let us all focus, as I believe God does, on our potential.

We at Llano Estacado Community Church invite and welcome all people no matter their spiritual, financial, or ethnic background, gender or sexuality, to come and join us as we follow the way of Christ as shown to us by Jesus of Nazareth.

The Rev. Christopher George

Llano Estacado Community Church

People confuse Bible’s simple message

The Bible is an amazing book. It has been the focus of humanity for so many years, and has influenced us more than all the other books combined. It has hidden mysteries, which have confirmed its true author is beyond our realm.

The Bible may seem complex, yet it’s really simple. We need to have help to misunderstand it. It just takes an attitude of believing in a good God, and desiring to know him and his will. Otherwise one can make it say most anything.

After reading recent comments on homosexuality in the CNJ, I can see that many are trying very hard to make it confusing at the least. From the beginning, the Bible says that God made man — mankind.

He made them male and female. He made the two to be one flesh. The two different parts of mankind join together and make a unique being, one flesh, one heart. So simple.

Yet it takes God, and an attitude of giving oneself to the other, for this union to work as he intended.

Sexual practices are often mankind taking what God has made and using it for their own desires, their own lusts. One’s preferred sexual practice can deviate far from the intended union of two different parts to make a unique whole.

Homosexuality is such an expression of a sexual preference. So are many other sexual practices that deviant mankind lusts after. It’s about what we want, not what God wants.

We shouldn’t use the fact that Jesus doesn’t want to condemn us as the reason to promote deviant sexual preferences. He came to set us free, to be what God intended, not to just do whatever we think we want.

God knew best when he created us. We can believe that he didn’t change his mind.

Carolyn Spence



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