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Cops & Courts 10/26

The Clovis Police Department is looking for volunteers to ride around the city and report suspicious activities.

Those participating in “Code Blue,” a volunteer citizens patrol, will meet at the Clovis Police Department on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

Members will receive training and patrol in two-person teams on Friday and Saturday nights, reporting any suspicious activity they may see to the Clovis Police dispatch center via a cell phone provided by police.

Code Blue members may also ride along with a Clovis officer while on patrol once or twice per month to see firsthand how they perform their duties.

For information, contact Lt. Patrick Whitney at the Clovis Police Department, 763-9436.

Ninth Judicial District Attorney Brett Carter has announced that residents of Curry and Roosevelt counties need to be aware of several ongoing scams.

Several local residents have received faxes or e-mails requesting they assist foreign citizens who claim to be government workers, typically from countries in Africa.

The scams usually involve claims that the workers have millions of dollars they need to transfer out of the country, but need the assistance of American citizens and will pay substantial fees for their aid.

The scams typically request complete names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and bank account numbers.

Rather than transferring the funds, the perpetrators will drain assets from the listed accounts or fraudulently apply for credit cards in the name of the respondents.

Carter warned that no unfamiliar business should ever be given personal information such as dates of birth, social security numbers, or bank or credit card numbers.

If in doubt, customers should ask for the name and phone number of the business and call them back after the validity of the business has been verified.

Carter said those with questions about businesses may call his office or contact other sources such as the attorney general’s office or Better Business Bureau.

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