Everyone loves a freebie ... software, that is


Tom Di Francesca

Every one loves free software right? Especially when it’s spyware and virus free. Go take a peek at


and you’ll find a pretty good selection of free programs to play with.

Of course, the folks at CoffeeCup are hoping you will be so enamored with their freebies that you’ll actually purchase something from them. Like Web hosting or predesigned Web sites. Actually, their pricing is pretty reasonable for both.

I know most of you are used to seeing my mug in the Sunday paper each week — now, you’re in for a real treat. I’ll be writing for the “My Life” series this week in the Clovis News Journal and you can see my face every day.

I know, Halloween won’t really be here till the end of the month.

Baseball, baseball, baseball — that’s all I hear people talking about anymore.

What is it — this American fascination with watching a bunch of guys spitting tobacco and fighting?

I really don’t have anything against baseball. I just don’t have any interest in it, but don’t call me un-American.

I still love Mom and apple pie.

Here is a real quick rundown of some of the more popular baseball-related Web sites: for World Series coverage, try


Now, that was difficult, wasn’t it?

Fox Sports does a pretty good job of coverage at


The “official” Web site for Major League Baseball can be found at


Of course, there are a lot of other Web sites to choose from, but any of these should keep you well-informed and up-to-date.

Anyone remember the old rock-n-roll hit “Sugar Shack?” A few weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of the song reaching No. 1 on the record charts and becoming the largest-selling single of 1963.

So, why am I mentioning that song?

Because that hit was recorded right here in Clovis at the Norman Petty Studios.

You can read all about the Fireballs by going to


George Tomsco, original vocalist, songwriter and lead guitarist for the group resides in Raton. We correspond periodically and even had an opportunity to sit down and have dinner together a few years ago.

Are you an “Instant Messenger” fanatic? Do you open up multiple chat programs to keep in touch with all of your friends? You may be interested in “Trillian” — it’s a messenger program that allows you to communicate across multiple platforms.

In a nutshell, with the Trillian program, you can chat with folks on Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and MSN Messenger — all with just one single program.

Pretty cool, huh? The “Basic” version of Trillian is free. You can purchase the “Pro” version for $25. Give the program a try by going to


and let me know what you think about it.

Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance columnist and a resident of Clovis. He can be reached at



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