FTCS volleyball team young yet confident


Youth takes serve this season for the Faith Triumphant Lady Conquerors with no upper classman on their varsity volleyball team.

They do not have any seniors or juniors on their varsity team and have only one sophomore. Faith Triumphant has two freshman, who have to assume the leadership roles due to the lack of upper classmen.

“We’re extremely young,” Faith Triumphant coach Betine Adams said. “We have some seventh and sixth graders on the team. We play them on the back row to try to protect them. It can be challenging.”

Faith Triumphant lost three players to graduation and two other players transferred to Floyd, Adams said. This, and a shortage of upperclassmen has left Faith Triumphant young and inexperienced.

“It is a new role for me,” Faith Triumphant sophomore setter Victoria Bayen said. “You get used to it. The girls have been cool about it.”

The Faith Triumphant setter is in her fifth season of playing volleyball. She has the experience that has vaulted her into the leadership role.

“It’s been challenging,” Bayen said about her duties as a setter. “You definitely have to be a leader on the court. You have to trust your teammates. We are now knowing what everyone’s next move is and their passing.”

Danielle Turner, a hitter, and Casie Paden, a hitter/setter, are the two sophomores on the team.

“They (freshman) are pretty good players,” Adams said. “They have a lot of pressure on them. They have been talking about two or three years from now and how good the team will be.”

The Lady Conquerors also have two seventh graders and three sixth-graders playing on the varsity team.

“I thought it would be tougher than it has been,” Bayen said about playing with the seventh and sixth graders. “They have surprised me. I wasn’t expecting them to be as good. We hope to have a real good season.”

The Faith Triumphant Lady Conquerors have a new gymnasium this season located on North Boston behind Conqueror field.

Faith Triumphant will take on the Clovis C team in Clovis at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday before they travel to Amarillo to play Bible Heritage, which will be the second varsity game of the season for the Lady Conquerors.

“We’ll be competitive,” Adams said about their game on Tuesday. “Sometimes the kids will take it on the chin. They’ve (Lady Conquerors) have been improving every day.”


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