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College football not government responsibility


Many people believe government is instituted to guarantee fairness in all aspects of life. Actually, government exists to ensure our rights and we don’t have a right to be treated fairly, except in a court of law (where we all should expect to be treated equally).

But that doesn’t impress some in Congress who are pushing for that august body to get involved in the process for selecting college football championship contenders.

We’ll admit we don’t fully understand how the Bowl Championship Series picks which teams go to which bowl game, but it seems that any problems with the system should be addressed by college football, not the federal government.

As with so many other aspects of life into which government pokes its nose, this concern on the part of certain politicians seems to be driven by money and making sure everyone gets their fair share. Rep. John Conyers of Michigan said, “This conglomeration of money and power is having a cascading impact far beyond major college football, as the de facto exclusion of non-BCS schools from major bowl games is resulting in those schools having lower athletic budgets, inferior athletic facilities, and rising deficits...”

Ah, that explains it; an unequal sharing of the booty. That’s usually the claxon calling those, like Conyers, who would have everything in life be equal without regard to merit, talent or maybe even something as simple as luck.

Just because one college football program has a large share of the pie does not mean every other program should have the same. There are many factors at work in the world of college football and the market is one of them. Fans want to see certain teams and players and will pay more to see them. We’ve searched our copy of the Constitution and can’t find the section charging the federal government with regulating that.


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