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The area east of Pep was heavily pelted by hail over a week ago. Some farmers say their crops have been hit by hail three times this year and they will be lucky just to make expenses. The heavily damaged areas are around Richland, Garrison, South Causey and Lingo. More than four or five miles east of Highway 206, there were windows knocked out and roofs damaged, residents there said. East of Dora and back toward Longs, Garrison, Causey on to Lingo there was also a washout from the torrential rain.

Reminder: Commodities will be distributed next Wednesday and Thursday in Causey, the Gift Shop in Milnesand and at the Fire Station in Dora.

School buses: A call to readiness to all moms and dads: The school bus drivers will be expecting your youngsters to be ready and waiting on Aug. 21. Have backpacks ready and all supplies in them.

New item: Breakfast will be offered to all students this year — regardless of grades.

Registration: Grades 7 - 12 students must register from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Aug. 14. This is all returning students and all prospective students.

Charlie’s Hint: Hydrogen peroxide will immediately “foam up” blood stains from most materials — even carpet.


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