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By Mike Linn 

Mother's express gratitude of having children


Today, sons and daughters across the country will show appreciation for their mothers and the love and contributions they provide.

Flower shop owners will be working overtime, restaurants will be packed and children will be serving breakfast for their moms.

And while some may be serving burnt toast and runny eggs, mothers most likely won’t mind too much, because it comes from family.

Mothers in Clovis and Portales say being mom isn’t easy, but the rewards outweigh the pains associated with child birth, not to mention the many responsibilities that ensue.

They say watching their children grow is a joy, and four mothers from the area expressed the best experiences they’ve had with their children. They also talked about how much their mothers influenced them in life.

Katie Hammack, 28, of Portales, mother of two daughters, Kayla, 10, and Tayler, 8.

“This week I’ve been very busy, and have been coming home late and haven’t been able to put my children to sleep. Well, when I get home my children leave me notes on my bed. Some say ‘I love you,’ and some are drawings of them and myself, and they are so cute.

“With my mom it was the time we took care of her mother before she passed away. It was good to be with both of them, and I got to understand my mother more.”

Margaret Seales, 44, of Portales, mother of two daughters, Robbie, 24, and Heather, 22, and a son, Rodney, 19.

“I was a stay-at-home mom, so I think being able to watch my children grow up was a pretty neat experience. My oldest daughter, Robbie, has thanked me for my discipline when she was younger and that’s good to hear. They all keep in touch with me.

“With my mom, it’s just nice to have her around during Mother’s Day and with my children.”

Monica Hayes of Clovis, mother of a son, Joey Hayes, 4, and a daughter, Katie Hayes, 3.

“The best experience with my daughter Katie was the first day she walked (at 23 months) because we didn’t think she would ever walk. She just took off one day I remember it was like the best day of my life.

“With Joey it was the day he drew a picture of the family with big heads and no bodies.

“With my mom, it was all those times she taught me music, both vocal and classical. She started teaching me when I was seven, and was always encouraging and nurturing.”

Jenn Romero, 28, of Clovis, mother of a daughter, Erika, 10, and a son Mason, 3.

“AS MY DAUGHTER IS getting older she has been confiding in me about who she has a crush on and situations with her friends, and I so know that she trusts me.

“My best experiences with Mason is watching his personality come out. Everyday there is something new with his personality, and it’s really exciting watching him grow into his own person. It puts a smile on my face.

“When I was young, my Mom would take the family to church, and after church the family would sit around the table and sing church songs, and that’s one of the best experiences I remember with her.”


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