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 By Betty Williamson    Voices    July 22, 2018 

From cow tanks to city pools - kids gotta get wet

Country kids, like I was, have pretty low standards when it comes for a place to swim on a hot summer day. Our earliest “swimming hole” was a low spot about a quarter mile south of our house in... Full story


Texas' pink kitty needs attention from lawmakers

There’s a not-so-new self-defense weapon that needs its own defenders in Texas. And you can count us in. That’s because it’s pretty clear that Texas law discriminates against the pink kitty key chain, especially popular among women who carry... Full story

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    July 22, 2018 

Day in the life: Sellin' stuff, tellin' stories

Garage sales have replaced barbershops for visiting. After recently digging through closets, cabinets and outside storage for one, I gathered enough stuff to help put Sears out of business. Neighbors...

 By Steve Hansen    Voices    July 22, 2018 

Robert Lumpkin was dedicated public servant

TUCUMCARI — Robert Lumpkin’s persistent Oklahoma drawl echoed in Tucumcari City Council chambers for a dozen years and in the halls of public service for many more. That voice has been silenced....


'Trendy,' by its very nature, never lasts

“Trendy” never lasts. Whether you’re talking about clothing and hair styles, the latest instructional “cure-all” in education, technological whiz-bang devices, automobiles (think Pacers and...

 By Judy Brandon    Voices    July 20, 2018

Like sunflowers, humans need the Son to thrive

What happens when we lose our focus? If we lose our focus on our jobs, we become less productive. If we lose our focus on our family, we see relationships deteriorate. When we lose our focus on...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 18, 2018

No virtue in upholding bad laws

It’s more important to do the right thing than to obey laws, and it’s wrong to obey laws that violate life, liberty, or property. Even if you agree with them or believe they are necessary. When...


Flag exhibit move stifles free speech

Last week’s decision by University of Kansas officials to move a flag-based art exhibit was made hastily under political pressure, and it reflects a betrayal of the university’s mission to promote learning and debate. A flag spotted with black...


Debby Cannon did more than 'just a job'

When word got out this spring that Debby Cannon was going to hang up her apron after more than 40 years as the head cook for the Elida school system, a few of her friends contacted me and suggested...


Senate owes public probing, but civil review of jurist

Aside from the prime-time hype and prolonged standing ovation, President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Monday evening was a sober and dignified occasion worthy of our nation’s highest court and highest offic...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    July 15, 2018

Levelland can throw a hardy party

Since Clovis and Portales sometimes fall short of July 4 fundraising goals, they could take a page from Levelland, Texas — a Portales-size town 30 miles southwest of Lubbock. In Levelland ...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    July 15, 2018

Daily TV listings to replace 'Just TV' product

We’ve made a few modifications here at The Eastern New Mexico News. Some of the changes may have already been noticed; others will take effect next Sunday. I’m here to pass along our rationale... Full story

 By Dawn Bilbrey    Voices    July 15, 2018

Let's keep the school testing system

I'm a mom and a teacher and I think we should keep PARCC This month our state's Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers results were released and, with them, a flurry of... Full story

 By David Stevens    Voices    July 15, 2018

Ida Jackson - 'Always something positive'

CLOVIS — Bruce Pollard was in third or fourth grade when he first remembers Ida Jackson, one of his school's teachers. "She called everybody 'Baby,' or 'Sugar,'" he said. "It was always something... Full story


A home renovation is easier than a soul upgrade

It was a joy last week to finally come out of the closet. Well, perhaps I’d better rephrase that lest you get the wrong idea. And, to be completely accurate, I probably should say “out of the clos...

 By Judy Brandon    Voices    July 13, 2018

Giving generously is a privilege

This last week I was reading an article in Psychology Today about giving. The name of the article was “Well Being and Giving” by Steve Taylor. This is what the writer wrote: “If anything, it...


OMI notification system in need of revamping

A year ago, the state Office of the Medical Investigator issued an apology for waiting five months to notify family members that their loved one had died. “The OMI system failed,” the agency acknowledged at the time. Sadly, that wasn’t an...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 11, 2018

Gun safety essential to gun rights

Gun rights, like all natural human rights, are a foundation of a functional society. And every right comes with an equally important responsibility. You must handle and use your gun so that you...


Local towns filled with treasures

I wish I had crossed paths in person with Father Stanley Crocchiola, the history-loving priest I wrote about two weeks ago. While he was the first to admit that he lacked both the time and resources...


Art of gentle persuasion lost; divisions deep

Recall during the 2016 presidential campaign when protesters began heckling and interrupting candidate Donald Trump wherever he spoke. Instead of shutting Trump up, they caused him to double down on insulting public rhetoric. In fact, Trump told his...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    July 8, 2018

Friends were real way back when

Robert Gilbert, who attended Portales schools from the sixth grade until moving to Roswell his senior year in 1970 and spent his career as a professional drummer, recently moved back to Portales. In h...

 By Kevin Wilson    Voices    July 8, 2018

Good things come from trial and error

Trial and error is one of our most important processes. You’ll never truly appreciate what you do like, until you figure out what you don’t like. One of my favorite movie trilogies, despite the simply-awful third part, would have to be “Back...

 By Paul Gessing    Voices    July 8, 2018

Moody's downgrade a clear warning

Despite a $600 million surplus and an unemployment rate that has dropped to an almost-respectable 5.1 percent, New Mexico’s economy is in dire shape. This bearish view of New Mexico’s economy is n...

 By Judy Brandon    Voices    July 6, 2018

God's mercy deep and unfathomable

At times I think I am so used to the phrase “mercy of God,” I don’t stop to think about the true scope, capacity and extension of that beautiful phrase. The mercy of God I still don’t...


Strong faith doesn't grow in a heartbeat

If God exists and is all-powerful and all-loving, why does he allow suffering in the world he created? Life’s biggest questions, the ones that truly matter, can be condensed into a few that can be c...


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