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Opinion: I'll keep my loopholes, thank you

In those moments when my skepticism falters, the recent midterm elections threaten to give me a little hope. It doesn’t last long. A Congress divided between Republicans and Democrats brings the...


Opinion: Concealed carry key to safety for all

I want you to be safe. I hope you don't do things to endanger yourself and others, and I want you prepared — everywhere you go — in case someone else means you harm. In the past couple of weeks...


Opinion: Immigration isn't a real problem

Emotions are running hot on the topic of immigration these days, both for and against, with most of the current drama surrounding birthright citizenship and migrant caravans. Immigration is a governme...


Opinion: Racino shouldn't be up to majority

Those who play politics are asking people to vote for or against the racino. Some say it will help the economy. Others say it will bankrupt people, both morally and financially. I say such things...


Opinion: Best to be smart about social media

Social media gets a lot of well-deserved criticism. It’s presented as a service, but with the vast majority of social media platforms, you and your information are the products being sold. Even...


Opinion: Badge doesn't grant extra rights

A badge doesn’t grant extra rights. When the law acts as though it does by treating people differently based on whether or not they wear a badge, the law undermines its appearance of legitimacy. No...


Opinion: Big government not a friend

I have leaned libertarian most of my life. I didn’t know what that word meant until I went to work for Freedom Communications in 2001 and they sent me to “freedom school.” That’s when I found...


Government should be a servant

When most people use the word “government” they are talking about the collective more accurately called “the state.” Not in the sense of the 50 familiar shapes making up maps of the United...


End government; improve health

Have you seen there are people who are blaming their health problems on the results of the most recent presidential election? Not just their mental health and happiness, as with the widespread...


Hard to believe in 'accusation market'

I don’t want to be cynical, but the emergence of a market in politically convenient accusations of sexual misconduct, made at just the right moment, is making me cynical. It’s as though people...


Actions matter more than identity

Instead of worrying about who someone is, it seems smarter to focus on what they do. Anything other than their actions is none of your business and can’t harm you, and not many of their actions are... Full story


Opinion: High court's power unconstitutional

Every time there’s an open spot on the Supreme Court, a political free-for-all erupts to fill it. Those who believe they have a claim on your life, liberty, and property take the nomination of a Sup... Full story


Enough problems without government

If you build a house in certain neighborhoods in Hawaii, you run the risk of having your house swallowed by lava. Along most coasts, hurricanes and tsunamis are looming dangers. In mountains,...


'Democratic' socialism no less evil

Over the next few years you’re going to be tested. Socialism — the politics of envy, parasitism, and entitlement — is growing in popularity again. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have... Full story


You can solve problems or play politics

When you imagine solving some problem, what kind of solution do you envision: permanent or political? Win-win or win-lose? How would you rather fix things? Permanently and where everyone wins, or...


It's time to free all speech again

Last week, some of the biggest social media corporations colluded to silence a voice they didn’t like. No matter how you feel about Alex Jones and his Infowars media brand, this wasn’t good for... Full story


3D printed guns might actually help

Why all the uproar over 3D printed guns? It has always been fairly easy to make guns at home. Having the computer code available online won’t change anything. People enjoy weeping, wailing, and... Full story


New tariffs nothing to cheer about

Some American workers are cheering President Trump’s new tariffs. They know not what they cheer. Tariffs are as bad for you and me — economically — as taxing corporations. It’s a great plan... Full story

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 25, 2018

Good to treat enemies as humans

The political left, and much of the political right, keeps putting me in an uncomfortable position where I almost feel the need to defend President Trump. Almost. It’s not a position I enjoy. I see... Full story

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 18, 2018

No virtue in upholding bad laws

It’s more important to do the right thing than to obey laws, and it’s wrong to obey laws that violate life, liberty, or property. Even if you agree with them or believe they are necessary. When...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 11, 2018

Gun safety essential to gun rights

Gun rights, like all natural human rights, are a foundation of a functional society. And every right comes with an equally important responsibility. You must handle and use your gun so that you...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 4, 2018

Put independence back in the day

What does Independence Day mean to you? To me, Independence Day has morphed into the most tragic of holidays. Its original meaning has been completely lost; turned on its head. The way it is most comm...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 27, 2018

Drug prohibition won't end abuse

One of the latest excuses for more government interference in your life is the “opioid crisis.” Yes, people abuse drugs, including opioids. This is nothing new; they have done so for centuries....

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 20, 2018

Libertarian criticisms miss mark

Recently, I read a rant describing libertarianism in unlibertarian ways. This is normal. I’ve never seen a criticism of libertarianism that hit the mark. The point is usually that libertarians are...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 13, 2018

Discrimination should be left legally alone

Who would be desperate enough to eat a cake baked by someone who doesn’t want to bake it? Would you want a wedding cake someone was forced to bake — at gunpoint? Even if the gun is hidden at...


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