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3D printed guns might actually help

Why all the uproar over 3D printed guns? It has always been fairly easy to make guns at home. Having the computer code available online won’t change anything. People enjoy weeping, wailing, and... Full story


New tariffs nothing to cheer about

Some American workers are cheering President Trump’s new tariffs. They know not what they cheer. Tariffs are as bad for you and me — economically — as taxing corporations. It’s a great plan... Full story

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 25, 2018

Good to treat enemies as humans

The political left, and much of the political right, keeps putting me in an uncomfortable position where I almost feel the need to defend President Trump. Almost. It’s not a position I enjoy. I see... Full story

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 18, 2018

No virtue in upholding bad laws

It’s more important to do the right thing than to obey laws, and it’s wrong to obey laws that violate life, liberty, or property. Even if you agree with them or believe they are necessary. When...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 11, 2018

Gun safety essential to gun rights

Gun rights, like all natural human rights, are a foundation of a functional society. And every right comes with an equally important responsibility. You must handle and use your gun so that you...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    July 4, 2018

Put independence back in the day

What does Independence Day mean to you? To me, Independence Day has morphed into the most tragic of holidays. Its original meaning has been completely lost; turned on its head. The way it is most comm...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 27, 2018

Drug prohibition won't end abuse

One of the latest excuses for more government interference in your life is the “opioid crisis.” Yes, people abuse drugs, including opioids. This is nothing new; they have done so for centuries....

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 20, 2018

Libertarian criticisms miss mark

Recently, I read a rant describing libertarianism in unlibertarian ways. This is normal. I’ve never seen a criticism of libertarianism that hit the mark. The point is usually that libertarians are...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 13, 2018

Discrimination should be left legally alone

Who would be desperate enough to eat a cake baked by someone who doesn’t want to bake it? Would you want a wedding cake someone was forced to bake — at gunpoint? Even if the gun is hidden at...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    June 6, 2018

Rule by majority unfair to minority

Politics might be an amusing hobby, but it is a horrible basis for a society. One should never confuse government with society. Society grows naturally from the voluntary interactions of people,...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    May 30, 2018

'Nothing' is best government activity

There is one thing government could do that I will support. One thing I believe it needs to spend more time doing. It’s the one thing government can do best, the one thing government can do that... Full story

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    May 23, 2018

Laws themselves a senseless crime

Droughts are a serious problem. They cause wildfires, dirt storms, crop failure, and they deplete the aquifer. Droughts are harmful and dangerous. Someone should do something! Why aren’t droughts...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    May 16, 2018

Don't trust government to keep deals

President Trump has decided to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and his critics are enjoying their opportunity to show concern. You can d...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    May 9, 2018

Government not designed to help

How can anyone watch every form of government fail, over 5,000-plus years of history, and still have faith it can work if done right; if the right constitution is enacted; if the right people are...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    May 2, 2018

Anti-Trump posturing gets old

How can anyone ever be disappointed in a president? It shows unrealistic expectations. Don’t people realize that getting to the top of the political heap takes a certain kind of person, and it’s...


Maybe it's time for libertarian countries

Why have there been no libertarian countries? It’s a popular question from those skeptical of libertarianism. On the face of it, it seems a reasonable question. Until you understand what they’re...


Americans don't need another war

Is Syria worth dying over? No. It would be a tragedy for you to die — or to kill — over Syria, North Korea, Russia, or any other country the U.S. government is trying to goad into war. Americans d... Full story


Government involvement not helping

It’s a wonderful thing when someone decides to help the community. I might even join them if their efforts align with my values. I’m somewhat less thrilled when someone mistakes running for...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    April 4, 2018

Americans need more Robin Hoods

The middle of April is approaching fast; the time of the year when I hear a lot about taxes. Mention of taxes brings Robin Hood to my mind. I don’t think of him with the more recent spin that has...


Keep your nose on your own property

Neglecting to understand which things are your business, and which are not, causes many problems. People spend too much time with their noses in places where they don’t belong while ignoring things...


Anti-gun laws good for criminals

How much do you respect self-destructive people? Do you honor those who engage in self-harm such as “cutting?” Do you celebrate those who burn up their mind and body by abusing drugs and alcohol?...


Three topics big deal to libertarians

There are three topics which come up frequently in libertarian writings: guns, drugs, and national borders. The reason is those three areas are where the people of America seem willing to let...

 By Kent McManigal    Voices    March 7, 2018

Any tyranny is too much tyranny

How much is enough? When it turns out stronger anti-drug laws don’t prevent addiction or tragedies, how much are you willing to expand prohibition? How far are you willing to have armed government...


Common sense gun deregulation needed

It’s time to take a hard look at America’s gun laws. In fact, it’s over a century past due. How many more innocent lives will be snuffed out before people demand change? Before they demand...


Stand up for liberty, not slavery

A defining trait of libertarians is our opposition to all slavery; we are abolitionists. Libertarians were among the loudest of the 19th Century’s voices against the enslavement of people of...


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