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 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    August 26, 2018

A few last words before I leave you, friends

This is my 441st and final column for The Eastern New Mexico News. I have moved and am stepping aside as a “local columnist” to repurpose my keyboard for other endeavors. The first is a parody of... Full story

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    August 19, 2018

Migrants just striving for better lives

I have been volunteering with the Workers Defense Project (WDP) in Dallas. The membership-based organization empowers low-income workers to “achieve fair employment through education, direct service...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    August 12, 2018

Too busy for antics of 'Christians'

I recently joined a fitness center to try to extend whatever years I have left — although I’m not sure what it matters (other than survival instinct). Even if I avoid diseases, accidents and...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    August 5, 2018

'Hippies Use Backdoor' at Dusty Boots

Recently, I attended the Weed Bluegrass Festival in the mountains south of Cloudcroft. Weed’s population of 60 swelled to 500 for the event, including a couple I knew from Elida. Mitch Hibbard,...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    July 29, 2018

So many reasons to love America

Acquired from the last Portales Public Library sale for a quarter, my book-of-the-month summary for July is “1,001 Reasons to Love America” by Hubert Pedroli and Mary Tiegreen (Stewart, Tahori &...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    July 22, 2018

Day in the life: Sellin' stuff, tellin' stories

Garage sales have replaced barbershops for visiting. After recently digging through closets, cabinets and outside storage for one, I gathered enough stuff to help put Sears out of business. Neighbors...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    July 15, 2018

Levelland can throw a hardy party

Since Clovis and Portales sometimes fall short of July 4 fundraising goals, they could take a page from Levelland, Texas — a Portales-size town 30 miles southwest of Lubbock. In Levelland ...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    July 8, 2018

Friends were real way back when

Robert Gilbert, who attended Portales schools from the sixth grade until moving to Roswell his senior year in 1970 and spent his career as a professional drummer, recently moved back to Portales. In h...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    June 24, 2018

Skin one of body's busiest parts

Purchased for a quarter at the last Portales Public Library book sale, my book-of-the-month summary for June is “How the Body Works: 100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Miracle of the Human...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    June 17, 2018

Praises to The King of Himself

Here is my latest sermon to butter up my flock at The Podcast Church for Couch Potatoes — where I am the Minister of Defense Against Little White Lies and Great Big Whoppers. To avoid interfering...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    June 10, 2018

Play shines light on teen suicide

Because of his own experiences with suicide, Portales resident Jim Lee is trying to spare others from its devastating aftermath. His father, a World War II veteran, committed suicide at 46, and Lee...


Dispatcher true community servant

With my lightning-quick moves in basketball shorts, the only task more stressful for 32-year-old Carl Smith than guarding me in jeans is being a 911 dispatcher. Working for Portales Communications, a city entity, he sees the worst and best of... Full story

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    May 27, 2018

A famous lady said, and I quote...

Checked out from the Portales Public Library, my book-of-the-month summary for May is “The New Quotable Woman,” edited by Elaine Partnow (Meridian, 1992, 714 pages). Excerpts: • “I never...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    May 20, 2018

Ag's come along since '89 prediction

On May 24, 1989, the Portales News-Tribune ran an article I wrote about Portales biology professor Bob Taylor refuting an article in Interview magazine about eastern New Mexico turning into a dust bow...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    May 13, 2018

Don't try to change Democrat Grammy

When I interviewed retired Clovis High School Band Director Norvil Howell a few months ago for a feature, his wife, Elaine, joined us. She was such a delight, I realized she needed her own spotlight.... Full story

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    May 6, 2018

Don't put prejudices into actions

With the rare exception of using song titles a little too salty for Sunday newspaper reader sensibilities — in which case he gently suggests an effective alternative — my editor has never reined m...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    April 29, 2018

Baby-faces have it made in studies

Checked out from the Portales Public Library, my book-of-the-month summary for April is “The Tell: The Little Clues That Reveal Big Truths About Who We Are” by Matthew Hertenstein (2013, Basic...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    April 22, 2018

Another successful orbit complete

Today marks another completion of my yearly 584,020,178-mile orbit around the sun. Among those sharing the ride were four fellow travelers I recently encountered during a slightly shorter 17-day,... Full story

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    April 15, 2018

Road trip presents 1,000 photo ops

I took at least 1,000 photos during my recent 17-day, 4,162-mile journey with Spooky, a fellow Navy spy, stretching from New Mexico to North Carolina. States included New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    April 8, 2018

Operation Spooky waylaid by bovines

Submitted from Charlotte, North Carolina, here is a condensed version of my travelogue of an in-progress trip stretching from Taos to the Tar Heel state. After a 43-year break, a fellow Navy spook (sp...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    April 1, 2018

Taking a moment to talk Hawking

Stephen Hawking, who died on March 14 at 76, and I had one thing in common: Many do not understand what we are talking about. In his case, it was because of brilliance; in mine it’s because of a...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    March 25, 2018

Pooling reflections of years past

This concludes my three-part series of looking back at eight years of columns. Today I focus on reflections and meditations I’ve written. • “Every time I feel the wind coming down and see the...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    March 18, 2018

Well... I thought it was humorous

As part two of a three-part retrospective of eight years of column writing, here are excerpts of a few of my attempts at humor: • “I forgot my twin sister’s birthday.” • “The greatest...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    March 11, 2018

Yes, you can quote me - Wendel Sloan

For the eighth anniversary of this column (this time around), I am looking back at my greatest hits. And, by hits, I mean mobster — not Billboard top-40. Hits covered in the three-part series will...

 By Wendel Sloan    Voices    March 4, 2018

Sensible laws not happening soon

According to, 66 percent of Americans support stricter gun regulations. Support for universal background checks, a mandatory waiting period and an assault weapon ban came in at 97, 83 and 67...


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