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Opinion: Reversal spotlights GOP's indefensible partisan payback

How angry are some Republicans at what they see as betrayal by a centrist Democrat? Angry enough to betray sick military veterans, apparently. That’s the only rational explanation for the sudden about-face by two dozen Senate Rep... — Updated 8/9/2022


Opinion: US must be firm, consistent with dictatorships

For the United States to have any hope of restoring itself as a global beacon of democracy, the Biden administration must take a firm and consistent stand when dealing with dictators. If other nations’ leaders can’t embrace... — Updated 6/11/2022


Opinion: Best to face bad economic news, not ignore it

U.S. gross domestic product shrank 1.4% in the first quarter at the same time inflation continued to soar. For older Americans, that combination conjures memories of 1970s stagflation, a nightmarish combination of double-digit infl... — Updated 5/3/2022


Opinion: Judge's retirement an opportunity to heal some of nation's divide

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement announcement offers Republicans a real opportunity. No, not the opportunity to install yet another hard-right conservative on the bench. Senate Minority... — Updated 1/29/2022


Opinion: Fact-checking becoming more necessary skill

Normally, the website The Gateway Pundit can and should be laughed off as right-wing, fake-news nonsense. But as Reuters recently reported, the site’s false allegations of election fraud in jurisdictions around the country have... — Updated 12/14/2021


Opinion: Abbott, Schmitt orders irrational, inconsistent

Republican politicians once defended a “hands-off” approach to local government and entrepreneurship. Local governmental units like school boards knew how best to educate and protect local kids without meddling from distant... — Updated 10/16/2021


Opinion: Answer muddled on America's safety after war

Is America safer after its 20-year war on terrorism in Afghanistan has resulted in the Taliban’s victory? The answer, like the war itself, is muddled. The lack of resolution should cause considerable discomfort to Americans who... — Updated 9/4/2021


Opinion: Healthcare too expensive for Americans

American healthcare is too expensive. Exhibit A is a new study of Americans’ medical debt published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. That debt is twice as large as had previously been estimated — $140... — Updated 8/10/2021


No place for alleged crook Ross on Cabinet

President Donald Trump defines himself by the people who surround him, especially the top advisers he picks to run his administration — people he described in early 2016 as “the best and most serious people” and “top of... — Updated 8/19/2018


Art of gentle persuasion lost; divisions deep

Recall during the 2016 presidential campaign when protesters began heckling and interrupting candidate Donald Trump wherever he spoke. Instead of shutting Trump up, they caused him to double down on insulting public rhetoric. In... — Updated 7/8/2018


No room in business for unjust bias

What is it about “shopping while black” that’s so hard for some store employees to understand? In the past week, two troubling incidents involving African-Americans at retail outlets should prompt employers to offer a... — Updated 5/13/2018


Democracy will die out without freedom of press

Pop culture has turned former President Richard Nixon’s “enemies list” into the butt of jokes 45 years after the famously ruthless and paranoid president created it, in part, to monitor journalists. A new Trump... — Updated 4/18/2018


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