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 By Rob Langrell    Voices    May 21, 2017

Three decades later, student-teacher bond extended

Constance Williams remembers spending her days learning in Rosa Briseño's second-grade classroom. That was in Pampa, Texas. The calendar showed 1989. Fast forward 28 years. Williams now lives in...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    May 14, 2017

Six months in, transition smooth

It’s been six months now since we launched The Eastern New Mexico News. In reality it seems like yesterday, but as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. For those who aren’t familiar...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    May 7, 2017

'Role player' takes away good memories

You might not recognize the name. Jared Gomez is a senior on the Clovis High School varsity baseball team. He isn’t the team’s leading hitter, nor is he the Wildcats’ top pitcher or star...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 30, 2017

Where's community support after Lizzy's death?

Tragedy is always a tough and delicate topic to delve into. It’s difficult to describe the heartache that came on Tuesday when I learned there had been a fatal house fire in Clovis. Elizabeth “Liz... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 23, 2017

Been fun getting to know Ben and 'pet' Joey

AMARILLO — One of the particularly neat things about my job is the chance to talk with people about journalism and the newspaper industry as a whole. The conversations always go in different...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 16, 2017

Work when 100, get a tax exemption

When the clock ticks from 11:59 p.m. on Monday to midnight, the bell will toll. That’s the tax bell in case you had forgotten your obligation to Uncle Sam. Tuesday marks the deadline to pay your...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 9, 2017

Masters: Time to tee it up from the couch

There are plenty of folks around who got their yardwork, garage cleaning, chores, honey-do lists, etc. out of the way already. That was done with the sole intention of clearing their schedules for a...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    April 2, 2017

For these dogs, time to 'kill them all'

Just when is a dog not a canine? It may sound like one of those trick questions such as: Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways? It’s not that complicated. The dog I’m referring to is... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    March 26, 2017

Vegas+March Madness=dream

For even the casual basketball fan, you know March Madness descended upon us last week. The first two rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament have become an amazing spectacle. It’s...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    March 19, 2017

Crash photo led to 'What's news?' debate

As publisher, I’m ultimately responsible for all aspects of the newspaper. That includes making decisions that will sometimes upset people. It’s unfortunate and I certainly don’t take any pleasu...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    March 12, 2017

Put Martinez' veto in a snow bank

Take a moment as you indulge in your morning coffee to consider this scenario with me. You and your family are avid skiers. You have a couple of kids who’ve learned to love the slopes and they — l... Full story

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    March 5, 2017

Move over Chi-town; we're the 'Windy City'

Decades ago — and probably centuries in many cases — people started giving nicknames to cities. Some stuck, others went by the wayside. Denver is often referred to as the “Mile High City,...


Tri-fold poster boards mean one thing

Science fair projects, admittedly, were never my forte while working through elementary and middle school. I was — and continue to be to this day — a “words guy.” I knew history, mathematics,...


'Furry kids' another of life's blessings

I read a study recently that touted the benefits of being a dog owner. Having two furry kids at home, it piqued my interest. The study claimed that people who welcome canines into their homes have red...


Dad's birthday tough after his death

Dad would have celebrated a birthday this past Thursday. The candle count would’ve been 76. Every Feb. 9 is a tough one. It’s gotten easier over the years since he died in 2002 at just age 61....


Pats my pick despite 'cheater tag'

The debate has raged for two weeks, but it all gets settled this afternoon. Super Bowl LI is here and, like any good discussion, opinions on today’s result vary across the board. By virtue of...


Visit to moon part of Career Day

“Hi, my name is Rob and I’m an astronaut who lives here in Clovis. I’ve traveled to the moon five times.” I figured if that didn’t get the attention of the various groups of eighth-graders...


'Election' sparks lively debate

There was a mountain of debate last week over recent election results. You could find ranting posts on Facebook, attacks and criticism on Twitter and an abundance of comments and complaints posted...


Roosevelt Chamber banquet full of fun, tears, awards

PORTALES — There was laughter. There were tears. There was good food and drink. And, there was a lot of applause — actually a whole lot of hand clapping. That was the night in a nutshell when the...

 By Rob Langrell    Voices    January 8, 2017

2017 brings new face, website changes

Time to put on another hat. Beginning this morning, I'll be the newest "face" each Sunday on our "Voices" pages. As publisher of the newspaper, my job description includes a variety of boxes to check... Full story


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