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Opinion: Rabbits, a monkey and the Good Shepherd

Editor's note: Joan Clayton's column appeared weekly in the Portales News-Tribune from 1993 to 2014. This one was published Jan. 11, 2007. I believe animals are gifts from God and... — Updated 4/21/2020


2014 year in review — Dec. 25

A brief look at some of the top stories in Roosevelt County in 2014. Portales man pleads guilty in murder-for-hire case Summary: Portales handyman Cody Guss of Portales was arrested in March and pleaded guilty in August for...


Favorite story is about five monkeys

Joan Clayton retired from newspaper column writing last month. She is 85 and decided it was time to seek new adventure. link David Stevens She’s had plenty adventure already,...


Don't bother me when I'm reading

It is with great honor that I welcome you to the second, and likely final, 2014 newsletter of the Kevin Wilson Book Club. It has not quite caught fire like the Oprah Book Club. In... Full story


Thank you for bringing us a little heaven

Almost 21 years ago, Joan Clayton marched into the Portales News-Tribune offices and pitched an idea for an inspirational column. She’d write it weekly, she said, for free. “I don’t write for money,” friends have heard her... Full story


Leaving you with these last remaining thoughts

Change can sometimes be hard. We get used to the way things are and we want to keep the old and the familiar. link Joan Clayton But God uses change in our lives to help us grow and...


The 'ground' attracts us, regardless of age

Many references are made to the word “ground” in the Bible. “The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being” Genesis 2:7, NIV).... Full story


Life a run to the finish, like football

My understanding of football is not the greatest and when I ask dumb questions I am really showing ignorance of the game. However in our family I try to become more knowledgeable. My family is patient, explaining each play until...


Mature years can be fun

Old age can be something that we look forward to rather than something we dread. Many times we hear jokes about becoming older. However, entering the mature years can become quite fun! Believe it or not, older age does have its...


'United we stand. Divided we fall!'

Every generation has heard about the “good old days,” but I remember a time when our lives were governed by the 10 Commandments, good judgment and common sense were taught the... Full story


God has plan for all of us — Joan Clayton

I firmly believe God has a purpose for every person born on this earth. To be given a chance at life is the highest form of love. To me this earthly journey is a training...


Christmas, God brings joy like no others — Joan Clayton

What is it about this time of year that makes it different from any other? Why are our spirits lift to the sounds of “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World?” Why do friends...


Grandson sends love for holiday — Joan Clayton

Editor’s note: This week’s column is written by Jody Clayton and presented as a gift to his grandmother and columnist Joan Clayton. I am anxious as I travel to one of my most beloved locations in the entire world. I know that...


Christmas always a favorite holiday

I love to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I think Christmas is all over America giving, loving and caring. It is celebrating the love of Jesus. A thousand years have come and gone, but the birth of the Christ Child is in every...


Think of Thanksgiving as 'Thanks Living'

Every day is a day to be thankful. Being thankful is a way of life. An attitude of gratitude brightens the countenance and cheers the heart. If we were to write down all of our many blessings, we would need reams of paper. One of... Full story


It' always too soon to quit

Never give up in the face of adversity. Have you ever been down for the count? How do you respond? Throw in the towel? Do you think about quitting? Do you say, “What’s the use?” Well, forget it! Falling down doesn’t make a...


God has a plan for all of us

Do you know God has a plan for you? “’For the plans for you,’ declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV). God never forgets you. Think of... Full story


God's goodness unequaled

America has given us so many blessings we can hardly count them. Aren’t you glad you were born? Can you contain the joy of knowing God planned your birth? He has a special plan for your life. Had I never been born, I would not...


Ministers are national treasures, desperately needed

It’s time to honor you, dear ministers. We realize you are on call around the clock. Bible studies, preparation of sermons, funerals, and hospital visits take priority. That leaves little time for your own activities. You spend... Full story


He has made everything beautiful

My Aunt Mary liked the seasons but she loved autumn the best. She loved the color of different leaves. I took her leaves every fall. I will never forget how she always used to put...


Heroes encouraged themselves in the Lord

PNT religion columnist Do you ever engage in negative self talk? Do you allow anxious situations to dominate? Such actions have a detrimental effect upon your body. It puts an added stress on your system too. If left unchecked... Full story


Choose to be happy every day

Each new day is a present wrapped with God’s love. It is a precious gift for all of us. We can open our gift with graciousness or we can ruin it with murmuring and complaining. The choice is ours. Our attitude makes the...


Because of Jesus we have love

Imagine living in a world without love. I heard the story of a little boy who was asked to give some blood to save his sister's life. He said "Yes," with no hesitation. After the...


Let’s make the most out of every day we have

Our time on earth is a journey and we are stepping stones in learning life’s lessons. The path goes forward or backward. There is no middle ground. Trials are opportunities for...


Give your cares to Jesus

Have you ever given something to the Lord and then turned right around and took it back? You have given your total being to the Lord, but slowly and surely, a gnawing worry keeps a problem creeping into your mind. Sometimes we...


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