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Opinion: November good month for jury decisions

Ahmaud Arbery is not here, but he heard the verdicts. He knows, in that place where his restless soul resides, that his death has been avenged. An overwhelming white jury in Georgia... — Updated 12/4/2021


Opinion: All instances of hatred, bias must be treated equally

About a month ago, I was traveling on the subway in Philadelphia when I was attacked by a young African-American male in a hoodie, who was angry that I was filming him after he’d... — Updated 11/27/2021


Opinion: I applaud judge for making an unpopular decision

I speak four languages fluently, read a fifth and am learning a sixth. I taught Spanish, French and Italian, and use all three languages on a daily basis in my immigration practice.... — Updated 11/13/2021


Opinion: Pope needs to draw the line on abortion

Anyone who was expecting Pope “abortion is murder” Francis to criticize Joe “abortion is health care” Biden was either naïve, or sorely disappointed last week when the two... — Updated 11/6/2021


Opinion: Rice teaching lesson liberals need to learn

I was watching “The View” the other day, and while I’d normally come away from that experience scarred by the smirking face and screeching cackle of Joy Behar, this time was... — Updated 10/30/2021


Opinion: Twitter mobs are ephemeral and yet deadly to reputation

It’s easy these days to say that social media is toxic. People act in ways they’d never do in real life, because it isn’t real life. They act like feral wolves, because they... — Updated 10/23/2021


Opinion: College firsts should thank their families

I was watching TV the other night, and one of those ubiquitous campaign ads popped up. This time, it was a female candidate for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, discussing all of... — Updated 10/16/2021


Opinion: The anti-abortion movement gaining momentum, support

I remember when people were poring over photographs of President Trump’s inaugural back in 2017, trying to disprove his theory that it was the largest crowd in history. Clearly,... — Updated 10/9/2021


Opinion: Heart and brain are truly most important organs

Whenever I write about abortion, I get a lot of pushback from people who disagree. I fully admit that I’m an extremist when it comes to whether a child has a right to be born.... — Updated 10/2/2021


Opinion: Humanitarian crisis moves me more than abortion law

As expected, everyone’s apoplectic about the Supreme Court’s decision not to block the Texas abortion law. It’s no secret I have been advocating for the criminalization of... — Updated 9/11/2021


Opinion: May memory of lost be a blessing and an inspiration

I come from a family of fighting men. My cousin Adolph was a paratrooper who landed at Normandy on D-Day, and the parachute he used — stained with blood and dirt — was turned... — Updated 9/4/2021


Opinion: Columbus is here to stay in South Philly

Last summer, I spent a few days standing in front of the Columbus statue at Marconi Plaza in South Philly. I wasn’t alone. A lot of good folk were there around me, laughing and... — Updated 8/28/2021


Opinion: Drawdown in Afghanistan creating tragedy

I’ve been practicing immigration law for over 25 years, and I speak four languages fluently. I’ve traveled widely outside of the United States, and lived abroad for large stretc... — Updated 8/21/2021


Opinion: Seven years on, I can say that my mother died

Seven years ago, Lucy Flowers died. It’s taken a while for me to write those words in exactly that way — “Lucy Flowers died.” I’ve written about it on frequent occasion,... — Updated 8/14/2021


Opinion: Left quick to censor free expression

The other day, someone reminded me that I had a public Facebook page entitled “Christine Flowers, Columnist and Radio Host.” I rarely post there, which is why I’d almost... — Updated 8/7/2021


Opinion: Intimidation, threats out of line to make players get vaccine

After the NFL became a bastion of gridiron “wokeness,” I basically stopped paying attention. But I have to say my interest was piqued by a news item last month involving... — Updated 7/31/2021


Opinion: Country shouldn't have to beg people to come to work

I was down the shore, enjoying the sea, the sun and the sweeping panorama of people without masks. Honestly, that was even more beautiful than the sunset over the Atlantic. One of... — Updated 7/24/2021


Opinion: Critical race theory subversive, toxic and dangerous

When Thurgood Marshall was strategizing his legal attack on segregation in the public school system of Topeka, Kan., he asked psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark to repeat an... — Updated 7/17/2021


Opinion: America opens arms to doubters, believers alike

Sometimes, the system works. A client of mine, an abused woman from El Salvador, recently was granted asylum. You might not think that’s important or impressive. It won’t... — Updated 7/10/2021


Opinion: Cosby's release a triumph of justice

“Evil may so shape events that Caesar will occupy a palace and Christ a cross, but that same Christ will rise up and split history into A.D. and B.C., so that even the life of... — Updated 7/3/2021


Opinion: Dem attacks on Manchin packed with party irony

I find it interesting that Democrats are ganging up on Joe Manchin. It’s not exactly surprising, since the West Virginia senator hasn’t been a team player for a while, despite... — Updated 6/19/2021


Opinion: Ritual reminds us of where we came from

When I lived in France many years ago, I went to Mass regularly at Notre Dame Cathedral. My French was not so good at the time, so the ability to attend Mass in Latin was a... — Updated 6/12/2021


Opinion: Left is adept and talented in their bias

Mark Ruffalo came out on Twitter the other day and angered a lot of people, but not the people he usually tends to anger. “I have reflected & wanted to apologize for posts during... — Updated 6/5/2021


Opinion: Mississippi law great chance for pro-life activists

I’m not going to change your mind about abortion. This is not a “hearts and minds” sort of essay, seeking common ground on a battlefield bloodier than Gettysburg. This is a... — Updated 5/29/2021


Opinion: Omar, Tlaib on wrong side of confict

If you’re the sort of person who sees no difference between the Israeli military defending its citizens and Hamas terrorizing civilians, you might want to pass on this column.... — Updated 5/22/2021


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