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Opinion: No excuse to turn blind eye to weather

The details of what went wrong in Texas last week — most likely the biggest forced blackout in U.S. history — will take time to establish. So will exactly what to do about it. But this emergency already underlines something... — Updated 2/23/2021

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Opinion: Another viewpoint: US should do more on transparency

For all its unilateral tendencies, the U.S. typically isn't known as a rogue state. But in one area it has come close: By failing to share information with other countries, it has thwarted global efforts to track down tax cheats,... — Updated 12/26/2020

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Opinion: Nuclear deal must be approached with caution

After the killing of Iran’s top nuclear scientist last month, President-elect Joe Biden is coming under renewed pressure to quickly resume negotiations with the regime. He should slow down and proceed with caution. Biden has... — Updated 12/8/2020

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Opinion: Ginsburg's loss a double blow in 2020

The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a double blow. It will be felt as a personal loss by millions of Americans, and it will stress America's politics at a moment when its fabric is already threatening to come apart. Consider this a... — Updated 9/22/2020

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Opinion: Postal service 'intrigue' just incompetence

In politics, what looks like sordid intrigue often turns out to be garden-variety incompetence. Case in point: After much testimony and investigation, it seems likely that the U.S. Postal Service was not engaged in a plot to... — Updated 9/1/2020

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Another viewpoint: Bernie Sanders' rhetoric, policies need some nuance

Kudos to Bernie Sanders for saying that he will celebrate tax day by releasing his tax returns for the last 10 years. Quite right. And congratulations to the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate for acknowledging t... — Updated 4/13/2019

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Congress should take responsibility for budget process

The process of funding the U.S. government begins when the president submits a budget request to Congress in February. Then everything falls apart. At least, that’s the way things have been going, year after year. In a more... — Updated 3/23/2019

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Veterans could bring discipline to Congress

Forty years ago, military veterans made up roughly three-quarters of Congress. By 2017, the proportion had dwindled to fewer than one in five. The number of veterans on Capitol Hill will dip slightly again next year, because of... — Updated 1/12/2019

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Opinion: Trump drug price plan a refreshing change

President Donald Trump has announced his first potentially strong action against America’s inordinate prescription drug prices — the first that could meaningfully lower Medicare drug spending. The idea is to narrow the gap... — Updated 11/4/2018

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Indictment exposes poor self-policing

Whether or not U.S. Rep. Chris Collins engaged in insider trading, as federal prosecutors allege, his indictment last week exposes what a poor job Congress has done to guard against such transgressions. Collins, a New York... — Updated 8/15/2018

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Latin America, US can agree on Venezuela

Having driven his country and its once-rich oil industry into a ditch, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is now pushing for snap elections that would allow him to lock in another term. The U.S. can halt Venezuela’s slide... — Updated 2/4/2018


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