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Abortion pill rulings present conflict

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is asking a federal judge in Washington state to explain how the government can comply with his order preserving access to the abortion pill in the face of a conflicting ruling by a federal... — Updated 4/10/2023

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Opinion: We should support 'right to repair' laws farmers are seeking

The average Tesla-driving, iPhone-using suburbanite isn’t spending a lot of time worrying about tractor software payloads. They should, though. Fixing a broken-down farm tractor used to take just a wrench set and some elbow... — Updated 4/1/2023

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Trump indictment first in string of potential legal troubles

Donald Trump has been indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan on charges related to the payment of hush money to a porn star during his 2016 campaign. The prosecution of a former... — Updated 3/30/2023

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Opinion: Artificial intelligence just a tech-fancy term meaning more software

No one sells the future more masterfully than the tech industry. According to its proponents, we will all live in the “metaverse,” build our financial infrastructure on “web3” and power our lives with “artificial... — Updated 3/28/2023

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Kim Jong Un warns of 'radioactive tsunami'

SEOUL, South Korea - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw tests of weapons designed to deliver nuclear strikes against the U.S. and its allies, including one his regime billed... — Updated 3/25/2023

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Opinion: Governments should compete for residents, not for businesses Inc.’s pause of its plans to expand its second headquarters in Northern Virginia reflects some deep underlying trends — not just for metropolitan Washington, where I live, but for regional development more... — Updated 3/14/2023

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U.S. shoots down fourth object

The U.S. military had never shot down an object in American airspace before taking out a Chinese balloon off South Carolina earlier this month. Now it’s becoming a near-daily occurrence. The sudden spate of U.S. jets blasting uni... — Updated 2/14/2023

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Republicans itch to take on Trump

The field for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is expanding. Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is expected to announce her campaign in mid-February, and more contenders will likely follow. Although Donald Trum... — Updated 2/4/2023

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Opinion: Ways to reform schools besides debt forgiveness

Whether President Joe Biden’s misguided plan to forgive some $400 billion in federal student-loan debt goes forward will ultimately be up to the Supreme Court. For now, there’s more the federal government should be doing to... — Updated 1/28/2023

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Jobless claims drop to lowest level since September

Applications for U.S. unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell this month, sliding to the lowest level since September and underscoring a strong jobs market where many businesses... — Updated 1/21/2023

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Treasury begins special measures to avoid breaching US debt limit

The Treasury Department is beginning the use of special measures to avoid a U.S. payments default, after the federal debt limit was reached Thursday. The department is tapping the financial resources of two government-run funds... — Updated 1/21/2023

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Biden's document handling scrutinized

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents erupted into a political crisis with potential legal repercussions Thursday after the attorney general appointed... — Updated 1/14/2023

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House panel: Trump should be prosecuted over Jan. 6

WASHINGTON — A House committee recommended Donald Trump be prosecuted for his role in the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, the first-ever such referral of a former U.S. president in the culmination of an investigation that... — Updated 12/19/2022


Biden avoids rail strike, but not everyone is happy

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden signed legislation imposing a deal he negotiated between freight railroads and organized labor, averting a possible strike but risking a divide with rank-and-file union workers who opposed the... — Updated 12/2/2022


Biggest US rail unions split on labor deal, raising odds of strike

Members of the nation’s two largest railway unions held conflicting votes on a key labor pact, muddying efforts by the Biden administration to avoid a strike when the labor peace agreement ends next month. The SMART... — Updated 11/21/2022

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Dems prepare for loss of Congress; voters break late to GOP

Democrats’ prospects for holding onto Congress are fading a week before the U.S. election as voters focus on economic concerns rather than the rollback of abortion rights, bolstering Republicans who have made inflation a central... — Updated 10/31/2022

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Elon Musk takes over Twitter

Elon Musk wasted no time taking complete control of Twitter Inc. The billionaire appointed himself chief executive officer, dismissed senior management and immediately began reshaping strategy at one of the world’s most... — Updated 10/28/2022

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Railroad union rejects labor pact, reviving strike risk

A majority of almost 12,000 unionized railroad workers voted to reject a tentative labor agreement brokered in part last month by President Joe Biden, the first dismissal by members of a dozen labor groups that must accept the deal... — Updated 10/15/2022

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Opinion: Take Putin nuclear threat seriously, but maybe not too seriously

Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised anew the possibility he might use nuclear weapons against Ukraine to prevail in a conflict going sideways. The smart money says he won’t, because doing so — or otherwise expanding... — Updated 9/27/2022

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Biden reaches out to unions, railroads in bid to avert strike

President Joe Biden and Cabinet officials on Monday were in touch with freight-rail companies and unions in an effort to avert a crippling strike by thousands of workers, according... — Updated 9/13/2022

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Sunday Reader: Britain's longest-reigning monarch mourned

LONDON - Queen Elizabeth II, whose reign took Britain from the age of steam to the era of the smartphone, and who oversaw the largely peaceful breakup of an empire that once... — Updated 9/10/2022

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Official says interest rates likely to continue rising

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell signaled the U.S. central bank is likely to keep raising interest rates and leave them elevated for a while to stamp out inflation, and he... — Updated 8/27/2022

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Biden administration to begin offering new booster shots

The Biden administration plans to begin offering next-generation COVID-19 booster shots as soon as the Labor Day weekend, according to people familiar with the matter, aiming to stave off a fall surge in cases of the disease. Food... — Updated 8/27/2022

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Opinion: Visa delays only hurt US image and economy

A Colombian family hoping to visit Disney World right now might have to wait more than two years to get their visas. The same goes for a Nigerian investor looking to close a funding round in Silicon Valley. Around the world,... — Updated 8/23/2022

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FBI seized top-secret classified documents from Trump's estate

The FBI seized classified records — some marked top secret — from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, according to court documents unsealed Friday. The list of information seized includes materials labeled with... — Updated 8/12/2022


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