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Object's only as handy as skill using it

You never know when something is gonna come in handy — and when it is something that you find useful over and over again and in new and never before seen contexts. That’s when... — Updated 5/31/2018

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Branding busy time on the farm

Last week, we started branding. Assuming we’re done, finally, we can move past the fun part of hollering and handling the calves. Time to tear it down and take it home. First... — Updated 5/25/2018

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Lots of prep before it's time for action

There’s always lots of attention paid to the action-packed part of cattleworking that is really just the middle. But before you can brand those calves, you’ve got to get... — Updated 5/17/2018

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Psycowology: the study of crazy cows

There are jobs that require one to learn to sense the motivations of other human beings. This is difficult, due to the fascinating complexity and flexibility of the human mind.... — Updated 5/10/2018

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Greener pastures may not be better

When it comes to the particular challenges that nature places in the path of a not unsuccessful agricultural enterprise on the high desert, I’ve got a decent expertise. But there... — Updated 5/4/2018

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It ain't always sunny outside

There doesn’t seem to be enough room or attention in the human mind, generally speaking, to store each and every experience that has been lived over the years. It’s inevitably... — Updated 4/26/2018

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Never forget fires of the past

For every people there are those events that mark the past. Any person who decides to continue farming or ranching, year after year, forgets the middling inconveniences, for both... — Updated 4/19/2018

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Steak's nice, party favors better

The best parties are those with all your friends, with the time and space to have a good time together. But some get-togethers are less personal. Business banquets are an example... — Updated 4/13/2018

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More than vehicles cause travel delays

Traffic is probably the most commonly understood reason for a delay on the road. Next is some sort of weather that makes traveling impossible or slow. Neither is too common when... — Updated 4/6/2018

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Judge a fence by ease of climbing

Rather than regale you once again with tales of spring shipping, let’s talk about the first destination of the cattle mustered on such mornings. Known also as corrals, the pens... — Updated 3/30/2018

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Moo-ving parts wreck best laid plans

The best laid plans may or may not work out, but that foundation is still a nice place to start. Indeed, it’s probably not the plans that were laid out so neatly that caused the... — Updated 3/22/2018

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No lack of seats in ag

If standing wasn’t so tiring, I don’t think we’d be nearly as interested in finding ways to sit. But given that it does take a toll, there’s sense in finding alternatives. S... — Updated 3/15/2018

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Pocket load important when leaving home

What do you need handy when you leave the house? That’s an important question in any situation. Some common contents of pockets or purse are keys, currency and, these days, a... — Updated 3/9/2018

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Best things high on hand-me-down chain

Hand-me-downs are a thing that happens just about everywhere. Older siblings pass down clothes, toys, and maybe even a few lessons to their younger siblings, cousins, or even friend... — Updated 3/1/2018

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Some perks have to be paid for

On the movies, the kids dream of ponies and cars and money and being left alone. I found out, in those rare times that I spent a concentrated amount of time with people my own age... — Updated 2/22/2018

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Not all homework academic

Homework, of the kind that we’re all familiar, with numbers and letters and grades that range from A to F, was rarely, if ever, done on a desk. Flat surfaces include the... — Updated 2/16/2018

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Constant question is if cows are in

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous cat that ol’ Schrödinger put in a box. The idea being illustrated is the problem with knowing the state of things if you can’t (or... — Updated 2/8/2018

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Where's that spork when I need one?

Utensils are easy to take for granted. The next time you find yourself a little lacking in that department due to a flimsy plastic piece of silverware, when a mutant recombination... — Updated 2/2/2018

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What I heard is not what they meant

There are known to be stories of kids overhearing things that they shouldn’t from their parental figures. Such accounts vary from sad, to hilarious in their misinterpretations,... — Updated 1/25/2018

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They don't make 'em like that anymore

When it comes to heroes, it’s hard to find one that you can always look up to. It’s even rarer to know one well enough to know what it is that you’re looking to be. There’s... — Updated 1/18/2018

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Best sweets fall from the sky

Bite-size sweets are hard to top as everyone’s favorite treat. As a kid, growing up far enough from the candy shop as to not know that such a thing existed, such sugary snacks... — Updated 1/12/2018

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Modern wonders make farm day shorter

Prior to the integration of GPS-controlled, self-steering tractor accessories, reading a book was not the best option when spending all day on the tractor. Honestly, it’s not the... — Updated 1/5/2018

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Feed the cake; eat it, too

There’s this week between Christmas and New Year’s that just seems to be the strangest sort of time. No matter the work you have to do or the places you have to be, it still... — Updated 12/28/2017

 By Audra Brown    Voices

Herding bulls a different animal

There’s a saying about herding goats, and I’ll wager it’s not unfounded given the few goats that I’ve had the opportunity to meet. Plenty of herds of livestock must be... — Updated 12/21/2017

 By Audra Brown    Voices

Travel brings home what's to like about home

You can travel a long way without seeing a building tall enough to be mistaken for a grain elevator. You can go even farther before finding a body of water where you can’t easily... — Updated 12/14/2017


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