Fall's my favorite time of year


October 13, 2017

The weather of choice, to whomever it is that gets to choose in this here desert, seems to be hot, with a chance of getting hotter.

For three out of four of the supposed seasons, we just get a variation in seasoning but little effective change in temperature.

The spring brings the wind, which can make the hot more bearable, or at least distract us from that discomfort with the gritty blast of another.

The summer doubles down and gives us a break from the wind sometimes, but it makes us wish for it to blow back in with the muggy, weedy way that it steams us even when there isn’t that much open water to find.

The fall doesn’t really come as early as it might, being the lazy season that would rather let summer work a little longer and winter take over and not carry its own weight for very much time. It never really shows up until October, and even then can take its own sweet time. But of all the three seasons that are mostly just warmer, it is the one that comes with my favorite spice.

It cuts into the heat with a chill bite in the mornings and after the sun goes down. And the hot middle of the day isn’t so long and unending, even though it still is more common than the rare but awful nice thing that is an October daytime chill.

So enjoy the daily reset in temperature that October brings. It’s my favorite time of the year.

I’ll pay the price that is the lack of space in my backseat because it’s full of more options than my closet at home. I won’t complain that both my heater and the air conditioner are having to work. In fact, I’ll enjoy every second of the shifting, unpredictable temperature that keeps making me take note that I’m wearing the wrong coat. It’s a new jacket every hour as it goes from cold to chilly to bearable to bare arms, and back again when you get off somewhere and had forgotten that you might have needed that coat.

I’m not sure that I’ll ever remember to remember that I might get cold, but it beats the other option and I seem to usually find myself something that resembles a coat.

Audra Brown loves October, if you hadn’t heard. Contact her at: 2e@al-brown.com


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