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Brow trends come full circle


During a daily browsing in my news feed, I came across a post that featured a model portraying the various eyebrow trends throughout history featured by media/news company Top Knot. I was immediately intrigued by the headline, considering the years of evolution of my own pair. So, I decided to see when the first of the many shapes and sizes of eyebrows showed up to inspire the different looks you may see today.

From 1890-1910, women wore their eyebrows much like some trends you see today. When eyebrow pencils were first introduced at this time, brows were filled in lightly and worn full but placed high on the brow bone.

In 1920, brows took a turn and were filled in very dark and thin. This look was said to have given more "visible expression" in silent films. This shape was very theatrical and gave an expression of "surprise." It was about 13-14 years ago when shaving or plucking was on the up-and-up with eyebrows among my peers. We would pluck them ultra thin and I remember being told that I looked excited. Not flattering.

By 1930, removing the eyebrows became popular and drawing them on to outline the eye socket, making a higher arch for an exaggerated eyebrow, became popular.

By 1940, the look, again, was much like today, where women wore a lower maintenance eyebrow and would let them grow out naturally defining the arches.

The 1950 eyebrow was a little more custom made for individuals and popular starlets like Marilyn Monroe, known for her "diva brow."

By 1960, women were more experimental with makeup. Women would remove their eyebrows and use bright colors.

The 1970s was back to naturally groomed brows, but the thicker and darker the better. However, there were more variations of shapes and sizes this time around.

In the 1980s, the eyebrows were even less groomed than the 1970s and women mostly wore their naturally thick eyebrow.

Moving up to the 1990s eyebrows were thin again but shortened, just enough to fit the individual face.

Finally, by 2000-2010, fully grown eyebrows were back on display as the look continues today.

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D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for The Eastern New Mexico News. Contact her at or find her on Instagram and Facebook.


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