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By Audra Brown
Down on the farm 

Deere are plentiful in New Holland


Some stories have a lesson to tell. Some stories have a message to convey, and some stories just happen.

As we all know, even just after the fact, details and descriptions begin to blur, a phenomena that eventually results in the great myths that make some of the best yarns.

This is one such muddied stream of events that somehow came to be.

Once upon a time, Mahindra, Kubota, and their little friend Fendt were chasing a deere ...

They were young and ambitious and one day, while hunting for their elusive prey, they plowed headlong into what might become a legend. They chased their prey all across the Great Plains and even so far that they forded a river and crossed over into the land known as New Holland.

With this daring move, what had been just a local matter, was all of a sudden an international case.

The land was indeed great and wide and very versatile. They stumbled upon the lair of an old krone who claimed to be an oracle capable of seeing the future of the rains.

“What should we do?” the lost hunters inquired. The witch cackled and said, “I see fahr and long, happy farmers. To be the ag-kings, first, you must defeat all the challengers, and last, you must farm all.”

They waited for more, but the witch was done. She steigered toward her bedroll and yelled, “Schramm!”

They left with the east wind and an empire on their minds. They scouted the land and saw many creatures. There was a bobcat, a centaur, an eagle, several other kinds of cats, including one that looked kind of like a worm, but more than seemed possible, were the deere. They were many and seemed to be everywhere.

Some time passed, and then Mahindra laughed and looked at her companion. “Should we trust the words of such an ugly witch?”

Not so sure that they should ditch the witch, Kubota asked, “I mean, she could be mo-lean, but she mi-not be so bad. Don’t you think there is some information to glean? What did you find so ugly, sister?”

All she had to say was: “Oliver.”

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