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January 12, 2017

Thank you, eastern New Mexico lawmakers. I would, indeed, like to make my voice heard and respond to your survey prior to this month’s convening of the state Legislature.

Here are the correct answers, in the order you’ve asked the questions, to your “2017 constituent input survey:”

1) Increasing the state’s minimum wage does not help the teenage fry cooks; it will only serve to raise the price of hamburgers and hasten the arrival of technology that puts teenage fry cooks out of their jobs.

Put me down as opposing any attempt at increasing the state’s minimum wage. Put me down as opposing efforts to eliminate jobs or raising prices on anything while you’re at it.

2) Also put me down as opposing an increase in taxes on fuel for road construction. And while you did not ask, put me down for opposing an increase of any tax for any reason.

You already have enough money to fix the roads, and I wish you would do a better job in that department.

But all I really want government to do is ensure liberty, as spelled out in the Constitution. Please return all of the taxes that go beyond that initiative. Today would be great.

3) I’m a fan of legalizing marijuana. Don’t tax it, either, just stop locking people up for possessing it, ingesting it or selling it.

It’s a plant. Yes, I realize plants can hurt people, but so can rocks.

Don’t make rocks illegal either.

4) Put me down as opposing any statement that begins “a proposal to restrict gun ...”

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, often themselves, sometimes with plants.

Any law that restricts “gun sales, trades, loans or gifts between private parties,” will only impact law-abiding residents.

The criminals you’re aiming for do not care about the laws, remember?

Don’t make any more laws. We have too many now.

5) No, the Land Grant Permanent Fund should not be raided for early childhood education or for anything else. Funding programs from the interest provided by the state’s investments is one of the few good ideas lawmakers have ever had.

Do not reduce the size of the permanent fund for anything; especially not for public education, which is far too important to be left in the hands of government anyway.

Better idea: Return all the money spent on public education to the taxpayers so they can afford to hire teachers who can focus on teaching children what’s needed for success in life.

6) If you read my response to Question 5, you understand why there is no correct answer to this question.

We don’t need a state board of education or state superintendent for education if government will get out of the education business.

Government has proven it’s not good at educating.

7) and 8) Put me down as a supporter of any question that begins with “a proposal to extend tax credits for ...”

Yes to tax credits for solar devices. Yes to tax credits for wind energy production. Yes to tax credits for coal mining. Yes to tax credits for marijuana growing. Yes to tax credits for any business operator of any kind.

Please, and thank you.

David Stevens is editor for Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at:


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