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Always have a holiday checklist


December 1, 2013

Before we get into the topic for this column, I need to correct a mistake printed last week. The Clovis Christian School dinner and auction is actually Saturday, not Friday. Hopefully, though, I inspired you to call and order tickets, so you already know this...

Never before do I remember a snow day before Thanksgiving, though there’s always one before Christmas. Here is a recipe for a snow day:

• Wake up late; you knew this one was coming so you didn’t need an alarm.

• Make some strong coffee, ground fresh from beans, with lots of sugar.

• Thank your wife, who has made an omelette for you.

• Put in about three miles on Nordic skis; Ned Houk Park is great for this.

• Curl up with one granddaughter and two dogs to watch Thanksgiving cooking shows on the Food Channel. It doesn’t matter that you don’t give a rip about cooking; it’s the pack cuddle time that is important.

• Believe the granddaughter when she tells you that she will cook “that meal",which the TV is featuring, for you for Thanksgiving. You know she would if she could.

• Lay out the fire.

• Take a spa shower: that means candlelight with no electric lights, and shower salts, and super hot water. If anybody calls you a sissy, ask them whether they did three miles on Nordic skis in 20 mph winds today.

• Put on your favorite bathrobe, or your old Army hoody.

• Start the fire; start the teapot.

• Think about the fact that each thing that happened is a cause for thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I can’t help but notice that, as I write this the night before Thanksgiving, almost every store in town is now open tomorrow. How sad, that this whole trend has taken hold in about two short years...

Inappropriate. I, however, have a confession to make. I railed a couple of weeks ago about how awful it was that an Albuquerque TV station was playing Christmas music in October. I must admit that my “no Christmas music before Thanksgiving” rule excludes Transiberian Orchestra, Robert Mirabal and Mannheim Steamroller. Those are great any time.

Next week, we’ll discuss Hallmark Holiday movies ... just kidding. Next week we’ll throw around some surefire gift ideas.

Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis Christian High School. He can be contacted at:


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