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My Turn - Cheap movies can be good


Some low budget films turn out to be really good movies, because they have a great story line and amazing acting.

For example, "Fireproof" and "Courageous" are both lower budget Christian films with heart-wrenching synopses and good acting that will move a viewer to tears. They are sad but moving and family appropriate.

Lower budget films you may want to stay away from, especially if you want family-appropriate movies, are probably those put out by the production company The Global Asylum. Many of their films entail graphic gore and violence and have no solid story line and poor acting.

One Global movie I recently rented because I mistook it for the new film "Jack the Giant Slayer" was "Jack the Giant Killer." It was a one-word difference, so it was an honest mistake. When you are in the video store, be sure to know the exact title of the movie you think you're looking at, because one different word and you might have just wasted $3.

When we put the movie on, my boyfriend and I did not even make it halfway before we had to give the effort up for lost and put in another movie. The acting and story line were so poor we had to call it quits. But we gave it our best effort.

Alisa Boswell loves literature and movies and writes for the Portales News-Tribune. Contact her at or 356-4481 or on Facebook at Cmi staff-Alisa Boswell.


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