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Denying equal rights is real issue


Those opposing equal rights for others inevitably find themselves on the wrong side of history.

No one is more heterosexually macho than me, but I can think of no legitimate reason to deny gays the same rights I take for granted.

A local letter-writer recently criticized politicians who opposed gay marriage, then changed their minds. I respect people who become enlightened and change their positions.

The author lamented that acceptance of same-sex marriage is growing, and wondered what was changing. Could it be society?

The author said same-sex marriage is distracting to homosexuals' privacy.

No one forces anyone to marry. Yet, some gays come out of the closet to advocate for gay marriage.

The writer opined that same-sex marriage will conflict military chaplains. If that conflicts them, perhaps they should switch to the infantry and experience real conflict.

The author said states that approve same-sex marriage embarrass and confuse children, and that children defending traditional marriage will be demeaned and labeled intolerant or homophobic.

I doubt that topic has been researched, but children's attitudes about gays probably stem from their home environment. It might be good for them to hear more inclusive viewpoints.

The author said God's scriptural principles condemn homosexuality.

I can't speak for God, but that sounds like imposing one's religion on others — and epitomizes the intolerance gays are up against.

The real embarrassment is denying equal rights to those different from us.

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