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My turn: 'Fair to middlin'


September 26, 2011

I recently made a call to a software company, asking for some help.

I became a little annoyed when I thought the person on the other end of the line did not speak English well. I remembered a conference I had attended in Boston, when a presenter from Boston looked at me and said, “your language is so interesting.”

My language? It is just plain old English.

Well maybe not. I have picked up a few phrases that might be pretty common around here, but strange to others.

My grandfathers response to “how are you”, was always “fair to middlin.” I guess I just always took for granted that we all knew what that meant.

If I asked him how much longer until we got to my cousin's house he would say, “we will get there drekkly.” I was a little confused in school when they never explained how long that was.

My great aunt came to visit from Oklahoma several years ago. She asked my mom if Granddad had left work yet. When mom came back with the answer my aunt said, “Haddy.” My mom replied “howdy to you.”

My aunt again said “Haddy.” Mom said “well howdy.” My aunt then said “had he left yet. “

Good thing they don't call me for help.


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