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My turn: In search of my "Silver"


I think I am going to name my shoes.

Roy Rogers had Trigger. The Lone Ranger had Silver. Lonnie Berry should name his transportation, too.

But I have to come up with the right name, or I completely lose the impact. It has to be something that inspires, something that has a catchy ring to it.

John Wayne and Clint Eastwood never rode into town and took out the bad guys on a horse named Snowflake. The Duke would have never saddled up with a horse that had a name like Buttercup. Try to sound manly when you say, “Me and old Buttercup got a lot of riding to do.”

There is no way I could name my shoes anything that would indicate a smell. My shoes aren’t roses, or lilacs, or spring — nor should they make you think of a room deodorizer.

Maybe I should go with an animal that is known for speed. Jaguar sounds nice, or I could go for speed and college spirit by naming my shoes Greyhound.

In fairness, I should pick something that closer emulates my speed; think large, slow animals like a buffalo.

I don't know. Maybe I’m safer with Buttercup.


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