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Summer time to enjoy


The pool is up and ready to go; has been for several weeks.

I purchased a mechanical piranha, which Jason and Mikayla are having a lot of fun being chased around in the water by. It is especially fun when we are playing with lights out, and with the flashlight that works underwater.

So far, the summer unfolds in a typical way, a way that allows us to maximize time with our grandchildren and which gives us the perspective on what summer is really all about. Today, as is a usual high point in our summer, we celebrate my wife's birthday.

The lack of any rain reminds me of the day, several years ago, when we planned to have her birthday party in the Ned Houk Park. As Murphy's Law might predict, the thunderstorm that nobody anticipated moved in and deluged us late that afternoon.

How do you mark summer? What are the events and annual celebrations that draw you into a feeling of well being?

In our family, we are party to a string of birthdays and this, along with a number of graduations, has made it a very expensive year, one very hard on our bank account. It's with that in mind that the pool has been an added blessing.

Put on some beach music, pull back the cover, make some iced tea, and let the mechanical piranha chase you around the pool. This makes a lot of sense when, with gasoline prices as they are, even a trip to the lake becomes costly.

The garden, which we water conservatively but faithfully, is also a big source of pleasure for us, so long as we can keep the dogs out of it. Whether or not these healthy tomato, squash and other plants will yield fruit, remains to be seen. However, in the natural scheme of things, they could be predicted to have a healthy harvest.

Bike riding is another cheap but effective source of fun. We have a good time when Kayla, Jason, their Nana and Auntie and I all go riding together. The other night, though, I was able to get a great moonlight ride by myself, under the full moon.

Whatever it means to you, summer is under way. Enjoy it while you can.


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