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Grant McGee: Harmony hard to achieve


December 10, 2010

Grant McGee

“I suppose aggression is the way of the universe,” I said to The Lady of the House last Saturday. We were at a local eatery. She peered over her menu.

“What now?” She said.

I told her the story about the guy in south Florida who woke up one morning to find his home had become a battleground between two bee swarms. Millions of bees died.

“What do you expect, negotiations?” she said. “That one queen bee would tell the other, ‘Oh you were here first, by all means, we’ll fly somewhere else.’”

“Well, I mean, why couldn’t the two live in peaceful coexistence?” I said smiling.

“Seriously, what planet are you from?”

It’s times like this that give me pause and reflection. I got to thinking about a notion Rodney King and I had: Why can’t we all just get along?

Why do we fight and quibble amongst ourselves, all the way from person-to-person to nation-to-nation?

Here in the Christmas season with “Peace on earth, good will toward men” and all that jazz, I wondered where I got such a silly notion.

Well I don’t think it’s silly but I’ve been told it is.

Could it be from watching Disney movies as a kid? Was it watching “Leave it to Beaver” on TV and thinking that was a real American family?

Was it something my mother or father said? If it was I can’t remember it. Was it in school? Possibly Sunday school?

People laughed when I'd speak of everyone getting along. I asked a pal what was wrong with my idea.

“Because we can’t,” he said. “It’s that simple.”

Maybe the idea wasn’t passed to me by anyone or anything. Maybe I simply thought it’d make for a better world.

Oh well. “Peace on earth, good will toward men” and all that jazz.

And why can’t we all just get along anyway?


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