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Feb. 8, 2009 Letter to the Editor


February 7, 2009

Partnership bill about protecting rights

Domestic partnership is a matter of human rights. Too many opponents are not trying to really understand the meaning of this bill being debated in the state Legislature.

Kevin Haney, pastor of Word of Life Baptist Church in Rio Rancho, was quoted saying, “To me, it’s bait and switch. They’re using one name, but really meaning something else.”

With all due respect, Haney is misinterpreting the bill to favor same-sex partnerships and that is not what this bill is about.

In reality, this bill is in favor of others, such as senior citizens who don’t marry because their Social Security benefits or their health insurance may be jeopardized. The same rings true for disabled people — marriage could jeopardize their benefits as well.

Shame on Haney for being judgmental against this bill. He is supposed to be a man of God preaching God’s word. Or maybe he isn’t familiar with the Scripture James 2: 1-13, which forbids favoritism and warns “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” I would suggest he read it and ask God what this Scripture is truly saying so he doesn’t misinterpret it the way he is misinterpreting this bill.

This bill is for everyone. And even if it were only for same-sex partnerships, when will we learn to be true Christians and be more Christ like by loving and accepting everybody for who they are and not who we want them to be or who we think they are or should be?

If we want this world to get better then we need to be more Christ like. What would Jesus do?

Pray for the answer.

Dejon Ruiz



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