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Thankful for plenty this holiday


November 25, 2008

With our national economy tanking and several sobering auto accidents to deal with locally it’s a tough start to the holiday season.

Rather than dwell on our problems though, with Thanksgiving this week I’d much rather be the guy with his glass half full. We’re all blessed pretty richly; we just have trouble slowing down long enough to recognize and appreciate those blessings.

A few of the things I’m thankful for this year:

• My family — A wife who understands and accepts me with all my faults and quirks and loves me anyway. My mother is always there with any help or advice I need. She and Dad raised their children well and I’m proud of that upbringing. Just having all my extended family close by, even if I don’t see them every day, is a good thing.

• Friends and neighbors — People in this area are mostly pretty darn friendly. They help each other by loaning tools, equipment and advice or by working cattle or harvesting crops. If trouble strikes, friends are there with food, a shoulder to cry on and prayer.

• A strong local economy — Things may not be great at the moment, but it could be worse. Some parts of the country are experiencing huge layoffs. We’re well diversified with dairies, farms, industry, military and education clicking along well. Local economic development leaders are cognizant that our economy hasn’t reached its potential and some bright and diligent people are working to ensure future successes.

• A community that proudly clings to its guns and religion — Despite the polarizing national presidential debate, both sides of the political spectrum locally have not compromised what they believe in. At the same time we have tolerated well the expression of different beliefs during the campaign. I believe that trait of individuality might be what sustains us if times do turn even tougher and I’m thankful those in my community exhibit it daily in their lives.

• Good health — My wife and I have experienced life without it and I can say that even if neither of us is in perfect health, things could be much worse. The human body is delicate in a lot of ways and I’ve learned to appreciate how much it can overcome with a little balance.

• Daily sustenance — Isn’t it great that even in the midst of an economic calamity most of us still have so much on our tables. Our food is packaged conveniently and preserved well and of the highest quality ever in history. What a feast!

• Worldly possessions — I always want more things. But in general I have more things than I can use and nicer stuff than I deserve.

• Most important thing — Thanksgiving is a holiday with a religious significance. With that in mind, the thing I’m most thankful for as we start the holiday season is God’s grace. Without that, it’s just turkey and football.

Karl Terry writes for Freedom New Mexico. Contact him at:


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