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Letters to the Editor Nov. 18


November 17, 2008

GNP sign of country’s instability

Does your job produce a product or support a business that does Does it provide a service or support a business that does Does it provide a government service

In Curry County, agriculture produces a product. There are a few manufacturing jobs in Clovis. These contribute to the Gross National Product (GNP). What is our GNP

A statistic someplace said 70 percent of U.S. jobs were service related. They do generate income in our economy. However, government jobs do not require your tax dollars to meet budgets.

Jobs in manufacturing and service industries use many products in operation. Some products used are made in America but many are produced in foreign countries. If we produced those products in America, they would contribute to our GNP instead of creating a deficit in trade.

How did we lose these jobs Some will say NAFTA. I say the answer is GREED — labor’s greed, union greed, huge company profits and CEO greed, shares of stock expectations, and our desire for more money to be a nation of consumers.

We want to purchase items cheap and our country cannot produce or will not produce cheap labor to make those items. Most jobs that have left the shores of America were union jobs in manufacturing. Look at the demands of wages and benefits that went with those jobs. Workers felt they deserved those salaries.

Most of the union jobs still in America are in service industries.

How long has this labor crisis been going in America Think back to when there was a Levi Strauss plant in New Mexico, a Swift Plant and a Safeway grocery in Clovis.

Check our nation’s GNP over 10 or 20 years in the encyclopedias. You will find some answers to what’s wrong with America’s economy.

Glenda Anspaugh



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