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Nov. 9, 2008 Letters to the Editor


November 8, 2008

With Obama, adults no longer in charge

Now that Election Day is over, I have a few thoughts to share. The outcome wasn’t what I hoped for, but the people have spoken, and now we all have to live with their choice.

McCain was a lousy candidate, but at least he was a man of honor and experience. Obama will be disastrous for our nation. The adults are no longer in charge. Those who voted for “change” will get it, but it won’t be the kind they wanted.

Obama is two months away from taking office, but we are already seeing what’s in store for him when he does. China intends to capture Taiwan, Putin in Russia seeks to restore the Soviet Union, and terrorists worldwide are emboldened.

The sharks smell weakness and are circling. To borrow a phrase: Elections have consequences.

Obama is a naive fool who thinks he can sit down with our adversaries and make nice with them, and everybody is going to love us again after eight years of you-know-who. Frankly, I’d rather we be feared than loved.

And Iraq? Earlier this year, Obama said the American lives lost in Iraq were “wasted.” His policies will ensure it. Barack’s going to make Jimmy Carter look positively brilliant.

It isn’t much prettier on the domestic front. Too bad the American people fell for the empty suit’s fluffy rhetoric and catchy phrases.

“Tax cuts” for those who don’t pay income taxes (more welfare), wealth distribution, amnesty and driver’s licenses for 20-30 million illegals, free college, free everything, trillions of taxpayer dollars in new government programs, and on and on:


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