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Being sweet matters


November 1, 2008

All this political talk is making my head spin. In fact, I think it may be giving me migraines. Everywhere I turn someone is talking about politics. To take a break from this frenzy, my husband and I decided to go see a silly movie and called our occasional baby-sitter.

Before going out to see this movie, and before the baby-sitter arrived, we had a small disagreement. Honestly, I can’t remember why or how it started, probably me provoking him, or him doing something silly. Anyway, I told him that because of our discussion, it would be best not to go to the movies anymore, but instead go to a bookstore, where we could sit down, and read our respective books without talking.

He replied that maybe we should, and decided to go out for bit on his own. And so he left. This was completely out of character for my husband. I was in shock, but most certainly resolved not to go after him. Wasn’t I the woman, the damsel in distress, who needed to be chased?

Determined to stand my ground, for who knows which reason, I started getting the kids ready for bed. I nursed the baby, and when the baby-sitter arrived, I myself got ready. I applied my makeup, and picked a nice outfit to wear, because no matter what, I was going out — even though I was still hoping that my husband would suddenly reappear.

I got my car keys and checked my phone — no calls from the Ninja hubby. I said my goodbyes and stepped outside. I started the minivan and felt really sad. I checked my phone again. Nothing. Should I call? No. Hold off as a matter of principle, no matter how silly.

I drove off unsure of where I would go, probably the bookstore. Right as I turned on the main road near our home, I saw from my rearview mirror a car that looked a lot like my husband’s. The man driving it had a funny shaped head, large shoulders and slightly pointy ears, much like my husband. It was, in fact, my husband.

He flashed his lights gesturing for something. I slowed down, and he moved to the left lane. He then turned on the lights inside the car, and held up a giant sign for me to see: I, Love, You! And he showed me a box of chocolate.

How romantic. My Ninja husband actually went outside after our insignificant disagreement and, did something lovely.

We pulled over to the side of the road; I got out of the car and ran to hug him. I felt so happy. We got into his car and, holding hands, drove to the movie theater where we were just so cute, if I may say so.

I felt so much in love with this giant and sweet man.

The movie wasn’t great, but it didn’t matter because we had a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company. That night we forgot our usual roles, a mother and wife with lots of children and responsibilities, a military man who has lots of missions ahead of him. We were just two people deeply in love.

I treasured that time dearly, and hope that no matter what goes on around us, deployments, elections, or the business of everyday living, we’ll remember to take time for each other. And of course to enjoy our favorite chocolate. And, yes, to vote.


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