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Parmer County election results


November 6, 2007

General election results for Parmer County:

Proposition 1

The continuation of constitutional appropriation for facilities and other capital items for Angelo State University.

For 240

Against 119

Proposition 2

Authorizing $500 million in general obligation bonds to finance educational loans to students and authorizing a bond enhancement agreement.

For 219

Against 155

Proposition 3

A constitutional amendment allowing the Legislature to set the maximum appraised value of a residence for ad valorem tax to the lesser of the most recent market value of the residence as determined by the appraisal entity or about 110 percent of the of the appraised value of the residence for the last tax year.

For 264

Against 103

Proposition 4

A constitutional amendment for $1 billion in bonds from state general revenues for maintenance, repair and construction projects and for the purchase of needed equipment.

For 176

Against 191

Proposition 5

A constitutional amendment to a municipality with less than 10,000 residents to enter into an agreement with an owner or a real property.

For 246

Against 125

Proposition 6

A constitutional amendment authorizing an exemption from ad valorem taxation one motor vehicle for work and personal use.

For 287

Against 90

Proposition 7

A constitutional amendment to allow government entities to sell property acquired through eminent domain back to previous owners for the same price.

For 296

Against 68

Proposition 8

A constitutional amendment to clarify certain provisions relating to the making of a home equity loan and use of home equity loan proceeds.

For 257

Against 106

Proposition 9

A constitutional amendment to exempt residences of totally disabled veterans from as valorem taxation and to change how to determine the amount of ad valorem taxation a disabled veteran is entitled.

For 300

Against 56

Proposition 10

A constitutional amendment to abolish the office of inspector of hides and animals.

For 258

Against 96

Proposition 11

A constitutional amendment to require a record vote for the house of the Legislature on final passage of any bill proposing or ratifying a constitutional amendment and public access on the Internet to the record votes.

For 287

Against 73

Proposition 12

A constitutional amendment providing the Texas Transportation Commission about $5 billion in general obligation bonds to fund highway improvement.

For 185

Against 174

Proposition 13

A constitutional amendment denying bail for violating court orders or conditions of release in a felony or family violence case.

For 302

Against 65

Proposition 14

A constitutional amendment to permit a justice or judge who has reached retirement age to continue to serve the remainder of the term.

For 292

Against 73

Proposition 15

A constitutional amendment for the creation of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. And for a $3 billion bond from the general revenues for research in Texas to find the causes and cures for cancer.

For 160

Against 204

Proposition 16

A constitutional amendment for about $250 million general obligation bonds to provide assistance to economically distressed areas.

For 189

Against 171

Lazbuddie Independent School District, Parmer County

Approving to increase the ad valorem tax rate to $1.17 per $100 valuation in Lazbuddie Independent School District for the current year.

For 37

Against 21


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