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Life better with dose of happiness


October 25, 2007

Life is a great adventure … a journey if you please. It is filled with turns, detours, surprises, excitement and most of all love. Many dance through life but never hear the music. That is sad to me. We all need a giant dose of “enthusiasm.”

Even nature has enthusiasm and I have vines that prove it. They weren’t here when we built our house. One year it just popped up on my fence, trees and shrub. It clung to anything it could find to crawl upward and away it goes! It’s a nuisance in spring and summer and I have to fight it to stop the invasion but you should see it in the fall. It is gorgeous with its scarlet broad leaves with hues of gold and green. “It’s worth it,” I tell myself. The landscape of beauty covering my fence is spectacular. I say, “Go ahead vines, show me what you’ve got!” I find myself stopping to admire the wonder of it all and I become inspired.

How many of us meander across life … giving up and becoming a murmuring negative soul? That kind of life weakens the immune system, brings insomnia, heart palpitations and the list goes on.

I say, “Give life a chance!” If you’re still alive hope springs eternal. I challenge you to take a big dose of enthusiasm. Spread it around to everyone you meet. Get excited about life. Isn’t it rather selfish to pass on negativity? Even if you don’t feel like it, be happy. “Fake it ‘til you make it” is my motto!”

We have a dear friend who had a brain tumor. The top of his head was cut off and the benign tumor removed. Then his scalp was sutured back. His hair now covers his scar, but he is enthusiastic about showing it to you. These are his words, “They kept trying to give me pain medicine, but I didn’t hurt anywhere. I went back to work in a month. The doctors and nurses still send me cards. They tell me I am an amazing human being. I just say, ‘I’m in love with life because with God on my side, either way I cannot lose!’”

What an outlook on life and what a way to live. Life is full of simple pleasures that are free. Here are some of mine:

The sound of snow crunching beneath my feet.

The smell of rain on an early morning street.

The cooing of a dove assuring his mate.

The beauty of roses on my garden gate.

The love I see in my husband’s eyes.

The job he does on the dishes he dries.

The motorboat sound of a kitten’s purr.

The soft silky coat of his warm winter’s fur.

The springtime blossoms on my pretty pear tree.

The love that my children have for me.

The soft tender touch of a baby’s hand.

The touch of bare feet walking on sand.

These simple pleasures money cannot buy.

You can have them too, only if you try!

Falling in love with life is like falling in love with that one and only sweetheart.

Life is that sweetheart. Spread that enthusiasm. It is never wasted. Be a world changer.

Look on the bright side. Know you are a unique person with a special purpose in life.

Each day is an opportunity to spread sunshine to everyone you meet.

If you do that you will not only “hear the music” but you will be in love with life!


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