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Oct. 8, 2006 Letters to the Editor


October 8, 2006

Are we Americans concerned of the dangers surrounding our daily lifestyle? Our great God has allowed us liberty and national existence for some 230 years since the signing of our constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Are the successes about to come to an end?

Despite all of our kindnesses — financial and medical help and entering wars against dictators, etc. — to help our world neighbors, we are hearing more and more that people in other countries hate Americans. They want to kill Americans and Jews.

What more do we have to do to win their trust and appreciation?

Could it be that we are not the proper role model that God expects from us?

Let’s take time to examine our lifestyle.

Is it right to make laws to authorize abortion of babies — some 1,500-plus annually? Is it right to prevent our children from praying in schools and other public institutions? Is it right to disallow Christian displays such as the Ten Commandments in public places? Is it right for media to publish or broadcast pornographic material, lewd sexual practices, curse words, etc., openly?

Marriage was ordained by God for one man and one woman for the purpose to bring children into this world. It should not even be debatable to talk about any other kind of relationship; however, there are those who want a law passed that allows two men or two women to live together as a married couple.

Pedophiles abusing children have crept into our school and even in our Congress.

These are things that concern me. We must use better wisdom and select better lifestyles. We can begin by supporting God’s guidance and our forefathers’ ideas.

Len Santi


Albert Blais (Tuesday letter to the editor) blames the Clovis dog pound for the strays in the Melrose area and for people dumping their pets, which chase him on his motorcycle every day.

Put the blame where it belongs — on the people who don’t care enough to spay, neuter or keep their pets confined. Doing this keeps the pets and people safe.

The animals Blais killed wouldn’t have had to suffer from being hit by a car or starvation if their owners had done the right thing and either taken them to the pound or a veterinarian to be euthanized.

People dump their pets because it’s easier to believe someone will take them in and give them a wonderful home for life. They don’t think about them being shot, killed by coyotes or vehicles, starved or poisoned. How about dehydration? When you dump your pet you never really know what has happened and you get to believe your pet went to a wonderful home.

I don’t know what world Blais lives in. My world has more pets than homes, people who believe pets are property and can be treated badly. Call any rescue group, humane society. Try and see how many pets need homes. With too many pets and not enough homes, what choice is there except to destroy them?

Clovis has no problem with unwanted pets. In 2005, Clovis’ animal control destroyed 2,442 dogs and cats. They were someone’s unwanted pets.

Darlene Ray



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