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Sept. 10, 2006 Letters to the Editor


September 9, 2006

Bush-bashing tactics show dangerous ignorance

Kirby Rowan’s rants against the Bush administration demonstrate a staggering ignorance of the threat we in the West are facing. (“Bush administration must be stopped,” last Sunday’s CNJ)

Rowan considers Bush a greater threat to us than fanatics who strap bombs on children and send them to murder other children. This is an enemy like no other and we’re not supposed to do everything we can to defend ourselves? What part of “Death to America” does he not understand?

What a strange world, when the only nation on Earth that is willing to put itself on the line to defend freedom from those who would destroy it is considered “out of control.”

Rowan says, “in the name of humanity,” the Bush administration “must be stopped.” Hey, how about stopping terrorism in the name of humanity?

Is appeasement unpatriotic? Absolutely. Rowan apparently would have us “negotiating” with terrorists. Yeah, that really worked with Hitler in 1938. You can’t negotiate with a rabid dog — you have to kill him before he attacks you.

It’s a shame that Rowan and other Neville Chamberlains in this world have learned nothing from history, choosing instead to keep their collective heads firmly embedded in their nether regions, chanting “peace in our time” while the practitioners of the new, updated version of fascism plan our destruction.

Carol J. Labadie


Ensure your security; check your insurance

First I was burglarized, then I was robbed. I came home and discovered our garage had been burglarized and more than $2,500 worth of good, quality tools had been stolen in addition to a chainsaw and compressor.

For more than 17 years, I’ve been paying an extra $117 per year for replacement coverage on my insurance. Imagine my surprise when I received a check for $153. With my insurance company, replacement means after deductible and after depreciation.

Please check with your insurance agent today to find out if you’re going to be robbed, too.

Mary Weigl



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