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8/21 Letters to the editor


August 20, 2005

Meth proposal for good of community

The Clovis News Journal’s libertarian, anti-government viewpoint obviously takes precedent over what is best for our city. (Last Sunday’s editorial: “Proposed meth ordinance should not be approved.”)

Methamphet-amine is a crisis in our area, as well as our nation. District Attorney Matt Chandler recently reported that 70 percent of all crimes in Curry and Roosevelt counties have an underlying theme of meth use.

These crimes include, but are not limited to, shoplifting, robbery, forgery, drug possession and even murder.

Of the last three police-involved shootings in the Clovis-Portales area, all three defendants were under the influence of methamphetamine, Chandler said.

The city of Clovis has an opportunity to make a difference in this problem: the passage of an ordinance to restrict sales of only the solid-pill form of pseudoephedrine. The sale of gel tablets of the same medication will not be affected because only the pill form can be used in the manufacture of meth.

Forty states have passed similar laws in the past year and each state has seen an immediate reduction in the discovery of meth labs.

I cannot imagine anyone not willing to show identification or simply change from a pill to a gel cap of the same medication.

Hopefully, retailers will put lives ahead of profits and unanimously endorse this change. Please help protect our kids, police officers, fellow citizens, property and community by visiting with the mayor and the city commissioners in support of this ordinance.

Lonnie Leslie


Ordinance would only mean less privacy

Kudos on your editorial in the Sunday CNJ about the proposed meth ordinance being more government intrusion into our personal lives.

I hope those that have a vote to enact this big brother-esque law will take a deep breath and also a step back for a minute and think long and hard about what they’re about to vote into law.

What’s next? Ban dry dog food? That’s OK because you can still buy canned and the crumble-up kind?


John Robertson


Stolen CD case not worth much to thieves

My son was home recently, visiting before going off to college again. He had to park in the street overnight. Someone decided they wanted his CD case and they took it out of the pickup.

Well, I’ll bet they were surprised because the music was mainly Christian music and high school band music. The band music (my son was in the band during his high school years) is not replaceable.

Now I can’t imagine anyone willing to take someone else’s property interested in keeping this type of music. This happened at 1913 Janeway Street, so if you are that person or you know of the person that did this please just leave it on the porch and think about your actions before doing this again.

Teresa Johnson



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