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Portales teen prepares for future


August 15, 2005

Complied by Laurie Stone

Name: Michelle Miller.

Your job: Lifeguard, student.

Your age (and Birth Date): 18; Feb. 7, 1987.

Your hometown: Portales.

Your family: Mike and Julie Miller, Lela Miller.

Your Hobbies and groups you are involved with, volunteer work: Golf, design, spending time with my family and friends.

What do you think of Portales?

“I think Portales is the perfect place to grow up. If you take time to get to know the people of the community, they take a genuine interest in all you're involved in. They deeply care about your well being. There's always someone in the community to pat you on the back.”

What do you visualize your life

being like in 10 years?

“Hopefully I will be finishing school, with a degree in public relations and law or fashion and starting a wonderful career.”

Tell us about your parents:

“My mom is Julie Miller she is the secretary to the superintendent and my dad is Mike Miller and is a business consultant. They both are extremely supportive of all I do and have helped me do so many things that pertain to my future. My parents have always insured that I keep my values strong and encouraged me to treat others how I want to be treated.”

Who is someone you admire in

life? Why?

“I admire my aunt, Cindy Banister, so much. Cindy has made many decisions to help her and her family prosper in life. She is a very giving person and is always willing to help others. She has been very successful due to saving and working hard to get where she is today.”

What is your greatest hope?

“My greatest hope is that no matter where life takes me, my family and I are always happy.”

If money were no object, what

would you do to make the world a

better place?

“I would give every person the one thing they wanted, whether it be a new car, a pantry full of food, or a week long vacation.”

Tell us about your greatest

individual accomplishment:

“My greatest accomplishment has been successfully graduating high school and committing to attend New Mexico State University.”

Tell us about a happy time:

“Life can always be happy if you work to make it that way.”

What is your favorite TV show?

Why do you relate to it?

“My favorite show is Laguna Beach on MTV because it portrays the life of high school teenagers. The drama and life they all go through is the same that we all go through in today’s society, even though money is never an option.”

If you could go on an adventure,

what would it entail?

“I would love to go to the beach and participate in every water adventure available.”

If you could be a super hero, what

would your name and powers be?

“I would be called Super Chell and I would have the power to make everyone feel beautiful and confident of themselves.”

What’s your favorite smell?

“Coconut suntan oil, and coffee.”

What do you enjoy doing with your

free time?

“Reading, shopping, and having interesting conversations.”

What would you like printed on

your gravestone?

“She led a wonderful life and encouraged others to do the same”.

What’s your favorite song?

“There are too many. I love music.”

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

“Waking up around 9 a.m., going on a shopping spree, and dinner at the Bull Ring with my family.”

What do you like about your job?

“I always get to be in the sun.”

Name one thing you like

about yourself. Why?

“The fact that most of the time no matter where I am or what I'm doing I can usually find a way to make it fun.”

— Compiled by Laurie Stone


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