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Moments connect life, good or bad


Several years ago, I went to a women’s conference and heard an array of speakers. The keynote speaker really stood out because her speech was simple.

She only said four things:

--Life is made up of moments.

--Some of those moments are good.

--Some of those moments are bad.

--And most of the time we can’t tell the difference.

I really didn’t understand it then, but now, I not only understand, I really do believe it.

Life is made up of moments, and those moments add up into hours, hours into days and days into years. Suddenly we look back one day and in wonder say “Where did all the time go?” The children are small and the “everydayness” in managing a household seems at times overwhelming. But before we really realize it, we find ourselves at the motor vehicle department signing for that child’s driving permit, or we’re attending their high school or college graduation or planning their wedding. We sigh and think as we look back, “Where did all that time go?” They were moments that added up into hours and hours into days and days into years.

Some of those moments have been good. Marriage, the birth of our children, holidays, family trips and sometimes just everyday happenings They’re the benchmarks for family traditions and heritage and the sense of family. Those times are the cement that ties the whole Brandon clan together. Those were the moments that we all walked though life’s daily experiences together and just being with one another made it good.

Then some of those moments have been bad. I see times that were so frustrating that I didn’t think I would even live to see the next day. Hard financial times, times that health and emotional problems just seemed to occupy our thoughts and cloud the horizons. They were hard and difficult times. How could I ever survive? But I did, and even the bad times have paled in the years since then.

The speaker’s fourth point seems paradoxical but is so true. I look back on the bad times, and at the time they were terrible. But now I look back and see that if all those things had not happened, certain ways I am today I would not be.

I suppose in the whole scope of eternity, what seemed bad for me was not bad. God allowed me to go through those things and in that process matured me so I would grow to lean on him more and more for strength to live.

In going through those times, I experienced a total acceptance, love and comfort from God that I never could have experienced. There is contriteness, a breaking that sets in when facing difficult times and when that happens, there is room for God to move in and work.

Yes, life is made up of moments, some are good, some are bad, and most of the time we don’t know the difference.

Judy Brandon is an instructor at Clovis Community College. Contact her at:


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