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 By David Stevens    News    July 26, 2017

Baby Maliyah 'happiest, brightest little girl'

PORTALES - Maliyah Jones was only 22 months old, but she'd already developed an irresistible personality. "She was the sweetest, happiest, brightest little girl," said Janet Bradley, the toddler's...

 By David Stevens    News    July 18, 2017

'Everybody loved to watch him play'

CLOVIS — When Gevion Lewis stepped to the plate, the crowds would go quiet. "Everybody in the stands knew ... he would put on a show," said Alex Fernandez, whose son was Gevion's teammate on the Cl...

 By David Stevens    Voices    July 18, 2017

Sometimes bad things happen

I went to see the pond on Sunday evening. I've been there before, dozens of times, usually with a breakfast burrito, just sitting in the car, enveloped by the serenity, watching the joggers and the...

 By David Stevens    Voices    July 11, 2017

Good time to remember Rito Mendez

The Independence Day effort to save a 12-year-old boy from drowning at Hillcrest Park's pond brings to mind Rito Mendez. Like the emergency responders who rushed to pull Gevion Lewis from the filthy...

 By David Stevens    News    July 11, 2017

Cholera found in Hillcrest pond

CLOVIS - First responders involved in the July 4 rescue of a boy found in the pond at Hillcrest Park have been advised to seek medical treatment, Clovis City Manager Tom Phelps said on Monday. "A...

 By David Stevens    News    July 8, 2017

Child still critical after near drowning

Gevion Lewis - his family calls him "G" - was acting like a normal 12-year-old on a hot Independence Day afternoon. "They were just being boys," said Tevaughn Loudermill, the boy's uncle. "Growing...

 By David Stevens    Voices    July 2, 2017

Remembering bombs a bit off target

This holiday week seems a good time to remember one of the biggest BOOM! BOOM! boo-boos in our region’s history. The U.S. Army accidentally bombed Boise City, Oklahoma, on July 5, 1943. The...

 By David Stevens    Voices    June 25, 2017

How 'bout respect for the rain?

There’s always a better way to do something. Let’s talk about measuring rainfall. Last Sunday night at my house, there was a great lightning show, complete with window-rattling claps of thunder....

 By David Stevens    Voices    June 18, 2017

Some dads are superheroes

The first clear memory I have of my dad was in the alley behind our house in Muleshoe. He met me at our gate and we walked the block back to his work, at Piggly Wiggly, where he purchased for me a...

 By David Stevens    Voices    June 4, 2017

No - let's not shrug off the slur

A man came to our newspaper office on Wednesday to renew his subscription. He didn’t seem to like the paper, so it’s difficult to understand why he wanted to continue reading it, but old habits... Full story

 By David Stevens    Voices    May 28, 2017

'King of the Sidewalk' remembered

MULESHOE — Mike Jones has had plenty of encounters with popular musicians in his 62 years on earth. He’s met George Strait, Olivia Newton-John, Reba McEntire and others, mostly when his Jaycees...

 By David Stevens    Voices    May 21, 2017

May may bring twisted weather

Some things you may not want to know about tornadoes and the month of May: • Five of the six deadliest tornadoes in Texas history occurred in the month of May. Two of those killer storms occurred wi...

 By David Stevens    Voices    May 14, 2017

Zack vs. mosquitoes; Zack wins

Zack Perkins had always been an active kid. “I spent a lot of time telling him, ‘Would you just sit down and be quiet for five minutes?’” said his mother, Lori Perkins. “He literally...

 By David Stevens    Voices    May 7, 2017

Mother: Jerry's seen 'a lot of trauma'

Jerry Nale says he is willing to accept responsibility for his actions. And he wants to go to Montana. Law enforcement officials say he can’t go to Montana because he is responsible for the death...

 By David Stevens    Voices    April 30, 2017

Shameful history, but dedicated to truth

The men, women and children total 21. Their names were Anderson, Ann, Cape, Caroline, Dick, Evaline, Fanny, Flora, Frank, Green, Harriet, Henry, Jesse, John, Lewis, Mary, Nancy, Orrin, Sam, Seaborn... Full story

 By David Stevens    Voices    April 23, 2017

'Man does not understand it all'

FARWELL — Marlowe Churchill has heard his family story many times. But it didn't become real for him until Tuesday. That's when he placed his hands on the gravemarker, followed the letters of the...


Two men may have been responsible for each other's deaths

CLOVIS — The two men Clovis police found dead early Thursday morning may have been responsible for the deaths of each other, Police Chief Doug Ford said. “That’s a possibility,” Ford said. “...

 By David Stevens    News    April 19, 2017

Clovis investigating ambulance drug tampering

CLOVIS — City police are investigating the possibility someone has “tampered with” packaging for narcotics regularly used on city ambulance runs, Clovis officials confirmed on Tuesday. “On Saturday night, it was discovered that some of the...

 By David Stevens    Voices    April 16, 2017

One ENMU prez outserved Gamble

PORTALES — Jeff Elwell last week was named the 10th president in the 83-year history of Eastern New Mexico University. Some things you might not know about those guys: • Donald MacKay was state...

 By David Stevens    Voices    April 12, 2017

Be careful, so the cows can come home

ST. VRAIN — Most of the cows have names. Mocha is the color of chocolate coffee. Cake likes to eat cattle cake. Cheetos will take Cheetos from your hand through the fence. The Young family’s cows...

 By David Stevens    Voices    April 9, 2017

One life lost; one life wasted

CLOVIS — Most of her last minutes on earth were spent laughing and joking with her 6-year-old son Diego as they ran along the trail that Sunday morning at the Goodwin Lake Park. That’s not...

 By David Stevens    Voices    April 2, 2017

Relax, James neighbors, and mind your own

“(M)ake it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands ...” — 1 Thessalonians 4:11 What if you were minding your own business ... and then... Full story

 By David Stevens    News    April 1, 2017

Mysterious tunnel brought to light

Historians for decades insisted it was an urban myth. But an accidental discovery this week proves there is in fact a tunnel that once connected downtown hotels to the Santa Fe depot and the Lyceum...

 By David Stevens    Voices    March 26, 2017

'Flap Jack King' an inspiration

Bill Jones was a terrific athlete, he had a green thumb, he was a whiz with numbers, and he was an agent for social change. But he didn't like calling attention to himself. "Let me tell you a story," said Billy Jones Jr., one of his two sons. "I...

 By David Stevens    Voices    March 19, 2017

All comes down to 'basic freedom'

TUCUMCARI — Keith Hayes just wants to be left alone. After all, he's not bothering anybody. He understands some people view his property as unkempt and unsightly, but when you're in the concrete...


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